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English Fatwa
(Markaze Tarbiyate Ifta, Darul Uloom Amjadia, UP India)

Answers to 1342 questions by Mufti Mohammad Khaleel Khan Qaderi
To Perform Namaz (Salat) and Imamat wearing Metallic band watch is not allowed
Folding pant's hems and performing Namaz in is not allowed
Reciting Durood and kissing the thumbs during Khutba is not allowed
To perform Imamat without Shar'i beard (one fist ) is not allowed
To say and write Prophet Mohammad Sallal Laho Alaihi Wasallam and Hazrat Ghous Pak Radiullah Tala Anhu as benefactor and helper
To say Aameen aloud or quietly when others are praying
Is it OK to receive Quran and Islamic books in postal mail?
Is it allowed to perform Namaz in Pants?
Is it allowed to perform Namaz in T-shirt?
Is it allowed for Muslims to wear a Tie?
Why punishment of grave after answering the three questions right?

Is it allowed to read Kalema or Durood Sharif while taking a bath?

How to trim nails? Must be done within 40 days
What can be (or is) the minimum Mehar these days?