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Is it allowed for Muslims to wear a Tie?
(Darul Uloom Amjadia, India, Printed in Monthly Kanzul Iman, India)

Q: Tie is commonly used among western community. Now it has become common among Muslims too. Especially during wedding ceremony Groom wears a tie with pride and some Muslim children also wear a tie in schools. Is it allowed for Muslims?
A: Hozoor Muftee-e-Azam Hind Aleh Rehma-tu-Rizwan writes that to wear a tie is definitely Haram and is a resemblance of Kafir. It is a bad deed and an open disobedience of ALLAH Tala Wal Ikram. In Christianity, tie is a remembrance of their false belief of crucifixion of Hazrat Syedna Masih Alhe Salam and forgiveness for Christians. (Fatwa Mustafvia, on page 526) Therefore it is not allowed for Muslims to wear a tie neither during a wedding ceremony nor on any occasion. Do not send your children to schools where tie is a part of uniform code. Because wearing a tie is Haram and it is a must for Muslims to refrain him/herself from Haram and also protect his/her family from Haram.
Allah Tala says *1, means "O believers!, 'save yourselves and your family members from the fire of hell". (Part 28, Soorah Tehreem, Ayah 6) Allah Ta'ala Knows the best.