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To read Kalema or Durood while taking a bath
(Darul Uloom Amjadia, India, Printed in Monthly Kanzul Iman, India)

Q:Is it allowed to read Kalema or Durood Sharif while taking a bath?
A: During a bath It is prohibited to recite Kalima, Durood Sharif , Dua or even talk. Hozoor Sadr-us-Sharia Alaihe Rhema writes that, "During Ghusul do not speak of anything, do not recite Duaa." (Bahare Shariat, Part 2, Page 37) and in Maraqi-ul-Falah on page 25 it is mentioned in the section of 'Manners of Bathing' that,*1 . Similar is mentioned in Fatawa Alamgiree with Khania on page 37, part 1. Allah Ta'ala Knows the best.


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