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To receive Quran and Islamic books in postal mail
(Darul Uloom Amjadia, India, Printed in Monthly Kanzul Iman-India)

Q: Is it OK to use postal mail services for receiving Quran Majeed and other Islamic books?
A: It is OK to receive Quran Majeed and other Islamic books through postal mail services. If postal service is not used for receiving and sending Islamic books people will be in hardship because these days postal service is widely used for business and transferring things from one place to another. These days many other Jaayz (allowed) facilities are available and postal service is one of them. Therefore it is all right to get religious books through postal services. But if only on or two Copies of Quran Majeed are needed then it is better not to use postal service in this matter. There should not be any hardship to attain one or two copies since Quran Majeed is widely available in the world. Allah Ta'ala Knows the best.

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