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To perform Imamat without Shar'i beard (one fist)
(Darul Uloom Amjadia, India, Printed in Monthly Kanzul Iman-India)

Q: In the absence of Imam his student( who does not keep beard ) performs the Imamat, how is it to pray Namaz behind him? And is it allowed to pray Juma Namaz behind him? If about this matter Imam does not say anything to this student then how to treat him, should he be removed from the duty of Imamat or not?
A: To shave beard is definitely not allowed and Haram. In Darr-e-Mukhtar with Shami in part six on page 407 it is mentioned that *1. Therefore if the mentioned student shaves beard or trim it down less than one fist it is a sin to make him Imam and to perform Namaz behind him is makrooh-e-tehreemi and wajib to repeat. In Fatawa-e-Rizvia on page 271 in part three Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Muhadis-e-Barelvi radiallha anhu writes "The one who shaves beard is Faasiq and Muallin. To make him Imam is a sin and to perform Namaz behind him is Makroh-e-Tahrimi (wajib to repeat namaz)" And if for Jumma one can not find an Imam even in another nearby Mosque who follows Sharia't then because of this situation pray Jumma behind this student (later on repeat your namaz as of Zuhr). It is stated in Fatwa-e-Rizvia on page 273 in part three that if not able to find an imam for Jumma beside a fasiq & muallin imam then pray Jumma because it is fard and fard is important (later on repeat your namaz as of Zuhr). If the mentioned Imam does not prohibit his student from imamat then he is committing sin. It is narrated in Hadis Shareef that *2,(Mishkat on page 436). It is must for him to ask mentioned student to stop imamat. If he does not do so then he (imam) must be removed from the duty of imamat. ALLAH Ta'ala says *3. But if he (student) does not have beard by nature and there is nothing wrong with him according to Shri'at then all the prayers can be performed behind him. Allah Ta'ala Knows the best.


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