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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - V / CHAPTER - 1 / LESSON NO: 4 / PAGE 2 OF 2


Q 8: When and where will be the advent of Hadrat Imaam Mehdi?
A. All Muslim states (including Rome and Syria) save holy Makkah and Madinah will slip from the hands of Muslims and Christians will hold sway after all minor portents of the Doomsday will have happened. There will be disorder and turmoil all over the world. All "Abdaal" (great saints) nay all "Auliya" (saints) will migrate to "Harmain Sharifain" (holy Makkah and Madinah). Thus the entire world will become a place of infidels, disbelievers. It will be the holy month of Ramadaan. "Abdaal" will be performing circumambUlaation of the holy "Ka'bah". Hadrat Imaam Mehdi (may Allah be pleased with him) who will be then of forty will also be there. "Auliya" will recognise him and wish to swear allegiance to him but he will refuse. All of a sudden, there will be a proclamation from heavens: "Haazaa Khalifa-tul Laahil Mahdi Fasma'oo Lahoo wa Ati'oo" (He is vicegerent of Allah - Mehdi. Listen to him and obey him) and after this all saints and believers will swear allegiance to him. Hadrat Imaam Mehdi will lead all Muslims to Syria. Hearing this news, Christian leaders will also rush there with a big and strong army to fight against them. The army of Hadrat Imaam Mehdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will divide into three groups that time. One group will flee being afraid of Christians and will die as infidels,disbelievers, the other group will fight against Christians and attain martyrdom and the third group will gain glorious victory over Christians on fourth day of the battle. Most of Muslim families will have one percent survivors. Later, the able-bodied survivors will conquer Constantinople (now Istanbul) from Christians.

Infidels and disbelievers will be killed in such a large number in these battles that if a bird flies from the one end of the place where their bodies will be lying scattered, will die and fall before reaching the other end.

Satan, the outcast, will, while believers will be distributing spoils after the conquest of Constantinople, cry that Dajjaal has arrived in their (Muslims') homes. The believers will beware. Ten horse riders will be dispatched to ascertain the truth but the rumour will prove to be a hoax. The Holy Prophet said in this context: "I know their names, their father's names and recognise the colours of their horses. They will be ones of the best riders of the world that time".

The Muslim army will return from Constantinople to Syria.

Dajjaal will appear in the 7th year after this great battle.

Q 9: Who are "Yaajooj" and "Maajooj"?
A. "Yaajooj-o-Maajooj" (Gog and Magog) are a mischievous and bellicose group hailing from the posterity of Yaafas bin Nooh (Prophet Noah). They are in great number. They used to create disturbance and anarchy when they come out. During "Rabi" (spring harvest) they swallowed up all standing crops and vegetation even ate humanbeings, animals, beasts, snakes and scorpions.

People complained to Hadrat Sikandar Zul-Qarnain (Alexander, the great) who was a pious believer, loved one of Allah and the ruler of the entire world, about their rampageous activities. He got constructed a compact wall of iron, copper, stones and other material from beneath the ground to the height of mountain to confine them behind the wall. This wall is sixty yards in width and 150 leagues (about 450 miles) in length.

An Hadees to this effect says: "Yajooj-o-Majooj" break this wall daily and when they are near to breaking the wall completely after day's long labour someone of them says: let us go now. We shall break the remaining wall tomorrow. The next day they come and find the wall stronger than the last day. When the time of their coming out will arrive somebody of them will say: let us go now. "Insha Allah" (if God wills) we shall break the rest of the wall tomorrow. The blessing of "Insha Allah" will save their day long labour from going waste and the next day they will find the wall as much broken as they had and then they will come out.

Q10: When will "Yajooj-o-Majooj" come out?
A. After the murder of Dajjaal people will be living in peace and with equanimity. In the meanwhile, Allah Almighty will command Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) to take all the believers to "Toor" (mount Sinai), for, some so barbaric and savage people will be let loose that no nation can fight with them. So he will take all Muslims to the fortress of mount Sinai and stay there. Then Yajooj-o-Majooj will appear in so large number that when the first group of theirs will pass through Tiber (which will be ten miles long) will drink its water dry and when the second party will reach there would think as if there had never been any water.

They will spread all around like ants and locusts and wreak havoc on the earth. Feeling replete after their rampageous and killing revelry on the earth they will say: we have killed all creatures on the earth now let us kill the inmates of the heavens. And then they will shoot their arrows towards the sky. Strange are the ways of Nature! their arrows will come back stained with blood. On the one hand they will be busy in their diabolical activities and on the other side Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will be confined to the fort on mount Sinai with his companions, where they will face so severe famine that the head of a cow will value them much more than one hundred "Ashrafi" (gold coins) do us. At that critical juncture Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will, accompanied with his companions, pray to Allah Almighty. Allah will create a sort of germs in the necks of Yajooj-o-Majooj who all will die in a night.

Q11: What will happen after the killing of Yajooj-o-Majooj?
A. After the killing of Yajooj-o-Majooj, Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) and his companions will get down from the mount Sinai and see that the whole earth is littered with their corpses and stench. He will again pray to Allah Almighty accompanying his companions. Allah Almighty will send a severe wind and a sort of birds that will sweep away and remove the corpses to the place where Allah will command them to take.

Their arrows, bows and quivers will be in so many number that believers will use those as fire-wood for seven years.

Then there will be rain which will level the earth. Now Allah Almighty will command the earth to produce fruits and the sky to pour out its blessings and bounties. With the result, pomegranate will satiate a party of people and its skin (if spread) will cover them all, milk of a she-camel will suffice a group of people, a cow's milk will suffice a clan and a goat's milk will be enough for a family.

Q12: How long will Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) stay in the world?
A. Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will lead believers and rule justly in the world for forty years. These forty years also include seven years after the killing of Dajjaal. He will marry and will have children too. He will visit the sacred grave of the Holy Prophet to say "Salaam" (greeting). The Holy Prophet will respond to it. He will also go to holy Makkah through "Roha"(a place near Madinah) to perform either "Umrah" or "Hajj".

He will, after all these events (elucidated in this lesson) will have taken place, pass away. Believers will perform his funeral rites. They will wash, perfume and shroud his body and offer his funeral prayer. He will be buried beside the Holy Prophet in his illumined shrine.

Q13: When will the smoke appear and what will be the effect thereof?
A. After passing away of Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him), a person namely "Jahjaah" hailing from "Qahtaan" tribe, resident of Yemen will be his "Khalifah" (successor). After him there will be some more kings during whose tenures infidelity and disbelief will surface. In the meanwhile, one house will sink into the earth in the west and the other in the east where deniers of "Taqdeer" (predestination) will be living. Then (a peculiar type of) smoke will appear darkening the whole world from the sky down to the earth. It will last for forty days causing cold to believers and plunging infidels and hypocrites into unconsciousness. Some will regain consciousness after a day, some after two days and some after three days. Thereafter the sun will rise in the west.

Q14: Why will the sun rise in the west?
A. The sun prostrates in the Most Exalted Court of Allah Almighty daily and seeks permission to rise. In the time towards the end of the world, it will seek permission as usual to rise which will be denied to it and it will be commanded to go back. It will comply with and then the night which will follow "Yaum-e-Nahr" (the day of sacrifice) during the month of Zil-Hijj will be so long that children will start crying and wailing, travellers will get weary and cattle will be very anxious to graze. In brief, people will wail and weep and beg forgiveness. At last, the sun will, after protraction of the night for about three or four nights' span, rise in the west like lunar eclipse throwing little light in a state of anxiety. It will move upto middle of the sky and then will go back i.e. will set in the west. Thereafter, the sun will use to rise in the east as usual.

Henceforth, with the appearance of this portent of the Doomsday, the doors of repentance and forgiveness will be shut on all. Renunciation of infidelity by infidels and repentance of sins by sinners will not be accepted and even embracing of Islaam will not be acceptable.

Q15: What is "Daabba-tul-Ard" and when will it come out?
A. "Daabba-tul-Ard" will be an odd animal which will come out from "Safa" (an hill near holy Makkah) and visit all cities/parts of the world so speedily that nobody would escape him if tried to run. It will speak eloquently and say: "Haaza Mu'minun wa Haaza Kaafirun" (this is believer and this is infidel). It will carry staff of Prophet Moses in one hand and the ring of Prophet Solomon in the other hand. It will draw a lightsome line on the forehead of every believer with the staff. With the result the black face will shine up. And it will stamp the forehead of every infidel with the ring. Resultant his face will become nasty. Thus, all believers and infidels will then be open. These signs of belief and infidelity will never change. Infidels will never renounce infidelity and believers will remain adhered to Islaam. People will still be seized by the rise of the sun in the west on the second day of the incident, "Safa" hill will be cleaved by earthquake and this odd animal will come out.

It will first appear in Yemen and then in Najd and vanish. And third time it will appear in holy Makkah.

Q16: What will happen after that?
A. Before forty years of the Doomsday, after a long time of passing away of Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) a fragrant breeze will blow and pass under the armpits of people causing death to all believers. There will remain no believer and God-fearing one but unbelievers. African people will dominate and rule. They will demolish the holy Ka'bah. There will be no fear of God, shame and decency.

Tyranny of the rulers and conflicts of people with one another will increase. In brief, idols-worshipping, oppression, lawlessness, famine and epidemic disease will be rampant. In such sorry state of the world, Syria will be somewhat well-off. People from all other countries will start proceeding to Syria with their families. In the meanwhile, a big fire will appear from the south which will chase all people of the world forcing them to gather in Syria and then will disappear. These forty years (towards the end of the world) will go by in such state that there will be no new birth i.e. all will be of forty and there will be no believer but all infidels and unbelievers alone. All of a sudden on Friday which will also be the tenth of Muharram, when all people will be busy in their routine activities, Allah Almighty will command Angel Israfeil in the morning to blow trumpet and thus "Doomsday" will be established on unbelievers.

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