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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - V / CHAPTER - 1 / LESSON NO: 4 / PAGE 1 OF 2


Q1: What is meant by "Alaamaat-e-Qeyaamat"?
A. When a man nears death his condition (if sick) aggravates and there appear certain signs of the agony of death and last gasps on his person. Similarly, there will appear some signs as to coming about of the Doomsday which are called "Alaamaat-e-Qeyaamat" (portents of the Doomsday).

Q2: What are portents of the Doomsday?
A. Portents of the Doomsday are of two types i.e. those ones which took place from the day the Holy Prophet was born and will continue to happen until the advent of Hadrat Imaam Mehdi (may Allah be pleased with him) joining the second type of portents. These are called "Alaamaat-e-Sughra" (minor signs) and second type are those which will occur from the day of Imaam Mehdi's passing away to the day the trumpet will be blown. These indications of the Doomsday will happen in so succession as the beads of a broken rosary fall down. These portents are called "Alaamaat-e-Kubra" (major signs). The Doomsday will come about after all these portents will have happened.

Q 3: What are the minor portents of the Doomsday?
A. Some of the minor portents of the Doomsday are:
1. Passing away of the Holy Prophet.
2. Passing away of all companions of the Holy Prophet.
3. Occurance of three "Khasf i.e. men will sink in the earth. One in the east, the other in the west and the third one in Arabian peninsula.
4. Knowledge will finish i.e. there will be dearth of true Ulama. People will make ignorants their Imaam and guides who will not only be misguided themselves but will also misguide others.
5. Fornication, drinking, moral turpitude and immodesty will be rampant.
6. Women will be much more than men even to such an extent that one man will look after fifty women.
7. Thirty more "Dajjaal"(blatant liars) will appear besides the chief Dajjaal(the accursed deceiver that will appear towards the end of the world) who all will claim to be Prophets notwithstanding the fact the Prophethood has come to an end.
8. There will be galore of wealth. The earth will push out its hidden treasures.
9. To be steadfast in following Shari'ah will be as difficult and painful as to hold burning embers in the fist.
10. Time will carry no blessing i.e. run out at a gallop.
11. People will consider payment of "Zakaat" (poor-due) a burden and ransom.
12. People will acquire Islamic knowledge for worldly gains not for the sake of Islaam.
13. Women will adopt masculine appearance and men feminine cut.
14. Songs and music will be all around and modesty and decency will vanish.
15. People on seeing one another will abuse instead of saying "Salaam" (Islamic greeting).
16. People will vociferate and indulge in worldly talks in mosques.
17. People will offer prayer but will ignore "conditions" and "essential acts" of the prayer to such an extent that even one prayer out of fifty will not be accepted and etc. etc.

Q 4: What are the major portents of the Doomsday?
A. The major portents of the Doomsday are:
Appearance of Dajjaal, descent of Hadrat Issa [Prophet Jesus] (peace be upon him) from the heavens, advent of Hadrat Imaam Mehdi (may Allah be pleased with him), coming out of "Yajooj" and "Majooj" (Gog and Magog), repletion of the world with a peculiar type of smoke, coming out of "Daabba-tul-Ard"(creeping creature of the earth), rising of the sun in the west and passing away of Prophet Jesus.

Q 5: Who is Dajjaal and when and how he will appear?
A. Dajjaal is a male Jew who is incarcerated in the islands of Tabaristan's river by the command of Allah Almighty.

After his release he will climb a mountain and call people towards himself. Those who were destined to be "accursed" would respond to his second call and rally round him then he will lead a vast crowd of people appearing from in between Syria and Iraq to create disturbance and anarchy in the world. He will be one-eyed (there will be no trace of other eye even eye-brow at all). That's why he is called "Masih". Jewish armed forces will accompany him. He will ride on an unusually big donkey. Arabic letters "Kaf", "Fa", "Ra" that is "Kaafir" (infidel, unbeliever) will be inscribed on his forehead which every Muslim will clearly see and read but these letters will not be visible to infidels. His evil mischief which will be very disastrous will last for forty days. Its first day will be of one year, the second day of one month, the third of one week and the remaining days will be of normal span of time. He will gallop from one city to another like a cloud driven by the wind. He will claim to be god and carry with him a garden and fire naming those"paradise" and "hell" which will, in fact, be the reverse of his claim that is his garden will be fire and fire will be peace (garden). He will order clouds to rain and the earth to produce vegetation,crops for those who will accept him and leave away those (apparently in the lurch) who will oppose and reject him with the result they will face drought and famine. When he will pass through deserts, the hidden treasures of the earth will come out and accompnay, follow him like bees. In brief, Dajjaal will demonstrate numerous such sleights and wonders which all will be the magic shows having no truth. After his departure from the place where he will display his magical wonders all will disappear and then people will understand the reality.

In this dreadful ordeal "Tasbih-o-Tahleel" (glorification of Allah and declaration of Allah's Oneness) will serve as food and water for Muslims that is repetition of "Tasbih-o-Tahleel" will rid believers of thirst and hunger. He will visit every part of the world with the lightning speed excepting holy Makkah and Madinah. The angels will push him back when he will try to enter these two sacred places. Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will descend from the heavens in Syria when Dajjaal will reach there having visited the whole world.

Q 6: When and where will Prophet Jesus descend?
A. During the peak of Dajjaal's wicked activities, all Arabs (Muslims) will throng to and gather in Syria. That accursed (Dajjaal) will, having visited the whole world, reach there and besiege them all who will be twenty two thousand armed men and one hundred thousand women.

The believers will still be in a fix when a proclaimer will proclaim from the heavens "do not worry, your helper has come" and at the very time Hadrat Issa (Prophet Jesus) [peace be upon him] with effulgent face will descend from the heavens attired in yellow dress escorted by two angels on the eastern minaret of the main mosque of Damascus. He will follow the religion of the Last Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) and will lead Muslim Ummah as the just ruler, leader and "Mujaddid"(reviver of Islamic commands, injunctions).

It will be the morning time. "Iqamaah" for Fajr prayer will have been uttered. Hadrat Imaam Mehdi (may Allah be pleased with him) who will have to lead the prayer will request him to lead the prayer. He will, placing his hand on Imaam Mehdi's back or shoulder say: go ahead and lead the prayer as "Takbir" (Iqaamah) was uttered for you. The Holy Prophet said" what will be your (believers') condition (in delight) when Ibne Mariam (Prophet Jesus) will descend among you and your Imaam will be from among you i.e. your joy and pride will know no bounds when Prophet Jesus will come down to you and live in your midst as your savior and helper and also offer prayer under the leadership of your Imaam. Well, Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will get the gate of the mosque opened after the prayer will be over. Dajjaal will be there with seventy thousand armed Jews. The Muslims will swoop on them and a fierce battle will ensue.

Seeing Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) Dajjaal will start dissolving like salt in the water and flee from the scene. He will chase and locate Dajjaal near Jerusalem at the gate of "Lud" and pierce an arrow in his back. He will die. Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will show the blood of Dajjaal on his arrow to the Muslims.

After the elimination of Dajjaal, Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will carry out reforms and wage "Jihad" (holy crusade) against infidels and disbelievers. He will defer "Jiziyah" (poll-tax imposed on non-Muslims in Islamic states) i.e. nothing short of embracing Islaam will be accepted. Christian emblem "cross" will be broken and pigs exterminated. All "Ahle Kitaab" (people of divine books) who will be spared life, will embrace Islaam. Allah Almighty will wipe out all religions in his time except for Islaam. There will be only one religion "Islaam" and one "Mazhab" (Islamic creed) - "Ahle Sunnat" in the whole world. Hadrat Issa's (peace be upon him) time will be full of blessings and felicity. There will be justice so much so that a goat will rest beside a wolf without any fear of being harmed and children will play with snakes.

Q 7: Who is Hadrat Imaam Mehdi?
A. Hadrat Imaam Mehdi (may Allah be pleased with him) is the last Imaam in "Aaiemah Isna 'Ashar" (twelve Imaams of Ahle Bait) and "Khalifa-tul Laah" (vicegerent of Allah on the earth). His name will be "Muhammad", father's name "Abdullah" and mother's name "Aminah". He will be "Saiey-yid", "Hasani" and one of the descendants of Hadrat Faatemah (may Allah be pleased with her). He will also belong to Hadrat Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) through maternal ties.

Hadrat Imaam Mehdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will appear at the age of forty. His caliphate will last for seven or eight or nine years and then he will pass away. Hadrat Issa (peace be upon him) will lead his funeral prayer.

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