Darululoom Azizia Noori Masjid
Salat Times
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All times are according to 'Fiqh Hanfi' and all calculations were verified with the US Naval Observatory's data.

UK - United Kingdom
All timetables are in PDF format. They can be viewed, printed and saved.
Aberdeen Aberystwyth Ashford
Aylesbury Banbury Barrow In Furness
Birmingham Blackburn Blackpool
Bolton Boston  
Bracknell Bradford Brighton
Bristol Bury Camberley
Cambridge Cardiff  
Carlisle Carmarthen  
Caterham Cheltenham Chester
Chesterfield Chorley Coleshill
Coventry Crawley Crosby
Croydon Dartford Derby
Dewsbury Dundee Edinburgh
Elgin Glasgow Gloucester
Grays Grimsby Guernsey
Halifax Harrow Harrogate
Huddersfield Hull Inverness
Isle of Man Keighley Leeds
Leicester Lincoln Liverpool
Llandudno London  
Lowestoft Luton  
Manchester Milton Keynes Nelson
Neston New Castle on Thyne Newport
Northallerton Northampton Norwich
Nottingham Oswestry Oxford
Peterbrough Plymouth Poole
Portsmouth Preston Reading
Redruth Rochdale Romford
Ross on Wye Rotherham  
Rugby Sheffield Shetland
Slough Southampton Shrewsbury
Stockton Suffolk Sunderland
Sutton in Ashfield Swindon Truro
Wallsall Weymouth Woking
Worcester Wycombe  

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All calculations are based on information and procedudres from the books

1) "Zubda-tut-Tawqueet" by Mufti Syed Muhammed Afzal Hussain (former Mufti of Markaz-e-Ahle-Sunnat Manzar-ul-Islam, Bareily Shariff, UP, India)

2) "The Old Farmer's 1999 Alamnac" by Robert B. Thomas

Prepared under the guidance of Mufti of Dallas (Texas,USA), Honorable Allama Ahmed-ul-Qaderi Razawi

PS: All the calculations were verified with the US Naval Observatory's data.

For safety add 5 minutes after start time & substract 5 minutes from ending time for sahari & all prayer times; add only 2 minutes after start time for Maghrib & Iftar.

"Zawal Begins" = End time for Ishraq & Chasht.

Makhruh time is between "Zawal Begins" & "Zuhr".

Niyyat for Ramadhan & Nafl fasting (saum) can be done until "Zawal Begins".

Strg: Sehri Sehari Sehar Sahar Saheri Imsak Imsaak Salaat Iftar Iftari Iftaree Iftaar Iftaari Ramadan Ramazan Ramadhan Ramdhan Ramzan Roza Fast Fasting Saum Soam Swam Namaz Timetable