Great Nights

Shabe Meraaj - 27th Rajab

There are deeds of 100 years of prayers for the one how does I'badah on the night of Shabe Me'raj.

Whoever prays 12 Raka'at (12 cycles) in this night. In every Raka'at recite Surah Fatihah and any other Surah from Quran.  After every 2 Raka'at recite Tashud and end the salat with Salam. (Means: Recite 12 Raka'at with four Salams, 2 Raka'at at a time)

After that recite this 100 times (After completion of 12 Raka'at's):

"SubHan Allaahi Wal Hamdulillahi Wa Laa ilaah illal Laaho Wallah Hoo Akbar"

"Astagfirullah" 100 times

Durood Sharif 100 times. (Any Durood you know)

And after that make Dua for his/her religious and worldly matters. Fast in the morning. Then ALLAH Ta'ala will accept all of his/her Duas. As long Duas are not made of sins. (Duas for sins will not be accepted)

(Kanzul Umaal, Part: 12; PP: 312-313; Hadis Number: 35170)
(Taken from: Ahyaul Uloomud Deen, Imam Ghazali, 450-505 hijri)

Hadrat Abu Hurairah Radiallah A'nhu stated:"Rasool ALLAH (Sallal Laho Alahi Wasallam) said that whoever fasted on 27th Rajab, they will get the Deeds of 60 months fasts.

Hadrat Aisha Siddiqah Radiallahu A'nha said that Rajab is that great month in which ALLAH Ta'ala increases the blessings of deeds many folds. Whoever fasted once in this month is like they fasted the whole year.

(Spend this great night of Miraj praying Salat, reciting Quran and Durood. Pray Salat as you can, the intention is to pray and please ALLAH with affirmation from heart. Salatul Tasbeeh is also a great Salat on any special night. If someone has Qada Umri (missed Fard Salats) in their account, they should spend this night praying those missed Fard Salats. Nawafils are not accepted if there are Qada Fards in account. It is like someone keeps giving gifts to a person he/she owes the money to and never pay back the Real Debt. As long we stay this night in prayers, Nawafil or Quran Recitation or Praying back Qada Fards, we are in state of good deeds for the night. Insha ALLAH we will be blessed. Please see the procedure of praying Qada Salat easily on our site. We also have prodedure for Salatul Tasbeeh on our site.)