Darululoom Azizia Noori Masjid
Urdu Fataawa
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Urdu Fatwa by Muftee Jalaluddin Ahmad Amjadee - Amjadi
Moon Sighting
A Wazeefa by Alahazrat
Recitation of Salat o Salam after Namaz or Salat aloud. Is it permissible?
How to Trim Nails
Pagri is Haram
Quranic Jewelry is haram
Salar for Imam
Loan For Mosque
To Accept Islam
Mosque on Grave
To go to graveyards for Women
Old Quran to be burnt?
To cure with Najis?
Life Insurance
To get Quran in Mail
Sajdah Tilawat if Ayat heard on Tape
Tie for Muslims
Hale Qabar
To accept Interest from Non Muslim Banks
To socialize with wahabi
How to Trim Nails
Lending money for more in return
Interest on Loan
Lost and Found
Tajveed e Iman for Murtad
False Stories