Darululoom Azizia Noori Masjid
Urdu Fataawa
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Urdu Fatwa by Muftee Jalaluddin Ahmad Amjadee - Amjadi
Metallic Watch
Imamat without beard
Shaafi Imam
Nafil before Fajr
To Kiss Thumb
Musalla wiht images
Look around in Namaz
On what stair to do Khutba
To fold Pants in Namaz
If bottom of Pants is below ankle
To pray in Pants
To Pray in T-Shirt
How much Qaza for Qasar
Qasar for BusinessMan
To Say Ameen aloud?
Pass in front of Namazee
Standingup during Takbeer
Alone Muqtadee
Imam higher than muqtadee
To Miss Jamat Intentionally
To Pray in Train
To pray in Plane
Pulling Pants in Namaz
Fingers in Sajdah
To do Takbeer when praying  alone