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Live an Islamic way of life

By Molvi Kaleem Raza

1) Always pray five times Namaz daily, Never look here and there when praying Namaz, pray slowly, never pray quickly.
2) Pray the Quran Sharif daily, treat the Holy Quran with respect, never sit in a higher place than the Quran.
3) Listen to what your Parents tell you; never do anything to upset them.
4) Respect your teacher. Your teacher is in one sense ranked higher than your parents. He teaches you about life and Islam and the differences between right and wrong.
5) Never eat whilst you are walking and you should not eat without a Topee (cap) on your head. Before you eat you should always say Bismillah; you should not eat without first washing your hands. Always eat with your right hand, never with your left hand. Don’t make noises with your mouth when eating. Do not drink milk when eating fish. After eating pray dua.
6) Always drink, water, tea etc, with you right hand. Always drink Zam-Zam water and water left from wuzu standing up. You must not drink anything else standing up, it is wrong. After drinking say Allahmdolillah.
7) When going to the toilet do not face the Qibla. Never perform urination or excretion in front of anyone else. Always urinate in the sitting position. To urinate in a standing position is wrong and is forbidden. Never undress before going to the toilet. After you have finished what you are doing always cleanse yourself with you left hand never use your right hand. To cleanse with you right hand is wrong.