Children's Islamic Section

Islamic Etiquette and Manners

1) Should greatly respect Parents and follow their orders (within Islamic Law).
2) Should greatly respect Islamic Teachers and Scholars.
3) Should greatly respect Quran. It's HARAM to touch Quran without Wazoo. Should respect Islamic Books and Literature too.
4) Should greatly respect the direction of Qibla. It's prohibited to extend ones feet towards Qibla and to sleep while feet are extended towards Qibla.
5) Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) should be respected and loved more than anyone in the world. Whenever hear his lovely name always say Dorood, at least say Sallal Laho Alaihe Wasalam.
6) Azan should be heard with great concentration and should be answered (repeating the words after every sentence). It is prohibited to talk during Azan.
7) Should be quite when performing Wazoo should not talk to others. Should recite Dua or Dorood during Wazoo.
8) Should eat only Halal and Clean food. Should never ever eat Haram food.
9) Should recite Quran everyday.
10) Must pray five times a day, on time.
11) Should avoid every bad conversation and every bad habit.
12) It is a Great Sin to Dance, to Listen to Music, to Sing songs and to make images or to take photos of living beings ( Human and Animals).
13) Always avoid Lies, Back Biting and Tale Bearing.
14) Always keep your body, cloths and home clean.
15) There is no greater deed than to Learn and Teach Islamic Knowledge. Should never be ashamed of asking any Islamic Question.
16) Should always treat every one with great respect and manners.
17) Children should not call their parents with their names and a wife should never call her husband with his name.
18) It is a bad manner to extend your feet towards elders.
19) Should always respect elderly people and if they are sitting on floor, children should never sit on a chair.