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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - III / CHAPTER - 2 / LESSON NO: 10



Q 1: What about offering prayer without Wudu (ablution)?
2 A. Offering prayer without Wudu (ablution) is "Haraam" (unlawful) and an extremely sinful act. Some Muslim scholars term the offering of prayer without - "Tahaarah" (purification) as "Kufr" (infidelity,disbelief) and it is so, because to offer prayer without ablution or bath is disrespect and ' insult to the most important worship. This is, ofcourse, disbelief. The Holy Prophet has said that "prayer is key to Paradise and Tahaarah (purification) is the key to prayer.

Q 2: How many times are the requisite parts of the body washed during Wudu?
A. A tradition of the Holy Prophet says: To wash all the requisite parts of the body once during Wudu is Fard (obligatory), to wash twice earns double reward and to wash thrice is the way of mine (his Sunnah) and of the past Prophets.

Q 3: What is the excellence of "Miswaak"(tooth-stick) and how to use it?
A. Use of Miswaak (soft-stick) during Wudu is "Sunnat-e-Muakkadah" (emphasised,regular Sunnah). The Holy Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) has said that the ablution done with Miswaak carries seventy-fold reward compared to Miswak-less ablution. Islaamic savants maintain that regular use of Miswak causes remembrance of "Kalima-e-Taie-yib" (the Holy Code) at the time of death. Miswak should be of "Peeloo" or "Neem" (medicinal trees mostly found in Indian subcontinent) or any other bitter tree. It should be rubbed on the teeth holding in the right hand (from right to left and back) thrice and washed every time. It should not be thicker than the little finger and longer than a span. After use it should be washed and placed vertical with brush-side up.
The use of Miswaak not only washes the mouth but also earns believer the pleasure of Allah.

Q 4: Will ablution remain valid if blood is frequently wiped from a wound?
A. If the blood was frequently wiped from a wound then it should be judged would the blood have flowed if was not wiped. If so the ablution nullifies otherwise not. The same formula applies to the case in which dust or ash is put on the wound to stop bleeding.

Q 5: What injunction is there about piece-meal vomit?
A. If one vomits piece-meal and total quantity of the vomit comes to the mouthful, the Wudu will be nullified and in case one vomits a little and get relief and after a while feels nausea and vomits a little again in the same sitting, the Wudu will not go void. However, it is desirable to perform ablution afresh.

Q 6: Will ablution remain valid if gums(mouth) bleed?
A. If the spit is overwhelmed (turns crimson) by the blood oozing from the gums(mouth), the ablution will be nullified otherwise not.

Q 7: What about the blood which oozes from any part of the body but does not flow?
A. Ablution will not be nullified by the blood or pus which oozes so little that it can not flow. So is the case with the blood which tinges tooth-stick or finger during teeth-rubbing or anything is tinged with the blood when it was bitten with the teeth or finger gets tinged when inserted into nostrils for wash or blood clot comes out on blowing the nose.

Q 8: Which sleep does not nullify Wudu?
A. Sleep in the following states does not nullify ablution: (1).Sitting position provided the buttocks are not well placed on the ground. (2). Standing position. (3). Bowing and (4). Prostration(of male style)during prayer, but in all these conditions sleep should not be sound but drowsy.

Q 9: Does sleep of the Prophets nullify their Wudu or not?
A. Sleep of the Prophets does not nullify their ablution, since their eyes sleep but their hearts are awake. However, their Wudu is nullified by those things excepting sleep which render ablution ineffective and this is on account of their high position not because of impurity of the thing in question.

Q10: What injunction is there for laugh in prayer?
A. If one laughs involuntarily so aloud like laughter (in regular prayer and that too not in drowsy state) that others hear the sound, both his ablution and prayer will be vitiated and in case, he does so in prayer (while drowsy) or in funeral prayer or "Sajdah-e-Tilaawat" (to prostrate on reading the verse of prostration) his prayer or prostration as the case may be, will be vitiated but ablution will not be affected. A laugh, whose sound was not audible to others but to the laugher only, will also not affect ablution. However, prayer will be vitiated. A soundless smile in which the teeth were exposed, would neither affect the prayer nor ablution.

Q 11: Does the stain of pimple (pustule) on cloth render it impure?
A. If there is no blood and puss but only sticking matter comes out from pimples or scabies, it will not render cloth impure. However, it is desirable to wash it.

Q12: Will doubt nullify ablution or not?
A. If one is in the state of ablution but he doubts whether his Wudu is still in order or not, in such situation he needs no fresh ablution. However, it is better to perform Wudu afresh. In case, he faces "Waswasa" (evil whispering, tempting) to this effect, it is only devilish subterfuge which should be cast off.

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