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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - VI / CHAPTER - 1 / LESSON NO: 1



Q 1: What arguments are there about the "Haqqaani-yat" of the Glorious Qur-aan?
A. The Glorious Qur-aan itself bears witness to its "Haqqaani-yat" (truthfulness,godliness) thus: "Wa In Kuntum Fee Raie-bim Mimmaa Nazzalnaa 'Alaa 'Abdi-naa Fa'too Bisooratim Mim Mislih" (And if you are in any doubt about this (book) which We descended upon Our choicest servant (the Prophet) then bring a like of any of its chapters). This Quranic verse throws an open and ever-lasting challenge to the deniers of the Qur-aan, a multitude of the men of high calibre and expertise and scholars of the east and west, that if they consider it a brain-child of mankind then being humankind they can also invent such thing like others. A clear and simple challenge of the Qur-aan is that it is not an invention of man but is "Kalaam Allah" (speech,word of Allah) and to vindicate its claim it has put forward simple argument that if its invention is within the attainment and reach of a man then he should produce a little like of it with the joint efforts of all men on the earth.

This challenge is not to the eloquent poets, writers and men of learning of Arabia only but to all deniers, Arabs or non-Arabs, that they should adduce a like of the Quran, straining all their collective brilliance, eloquence, calibre, versatility and endeavours, which is replete with profundity of meaning, uniqueness of arguments, variety of topics encompassing the whole gamut of human life and is an integrated, comprehensive and complete code of life for an individual, family, community and all mankind alike. Besides, its each and every chapter and verse abounds in guidance, enlightenment and wisdom. It was an easy way out for the enemies of Islaam to have invented a small Surah(chapter) consisting on three verses to meet the challenge of the Quran thereby launching a three-pronged attack on the truthfulness and dignity of the Quran, Holy Prophet and Islaam but despite the lapse of over fourteen centuries the scholars of the east and west, proud of their calibre and expertise, are still failed to face the challenge notwithstanding their tireless and ceaseless efforts to come out with a like of it and all the while, new religions, creeds and "isms" have been developing all over the world but none could withstand it and died down.

It is certain that the enemies and deniers of Islaam will never succeed in their sinister designs to harm it and it will continue to flourish. Given the Quran's arguments it is crystal clear that the whole world is helpless and incapacitated before it and thus it is surely "Kalaam Allah". Its denial is as if one denies the blazing sun in the noon.

Q 2: Please also explain some common arguments on the Qur-aan's "Haqqaani-yat" to further strengthen our faith?
a. It is our belief that the Holy Qur-aan was gradually revealed to the Holy Prophet Saiey-yidinaa Muhmmadur Rasoolul Laah (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) in a span of twenty three years and it is as intact, preserved, prevalent and is being recited and committed to hearts and influencing minds as was taught by the Holy Prophet 1400 years ago. No kind of change or interpretation can be attributed to any chapter, verse, letter and even a "Nuqtah"(dot,point) of the Holy Quran.

b. This sacred book is available with every nation and community and recited by millions of people in every nook and cranny of the world i.e. its different chapters and verses are essentially recited at least five times daily all over the world whereas even the most interesting book loses its charm and utility after a few readings.

c. Since its advent, when Hadrat Khadeeja-tul-Kubraa (may Allah be pleased with her) listened to and read, recited it, the light of the Holy Quran is continuously spreading far and wide and number of its followers is incessantly swelling without being hindered by the like and dislike of the nations,communities or favourable and unfavourable circumstances, culture and civilisation under the sun.

d. It was mistranslated in different languages in various countries and its simple,pure and right teachings were wrongly explained and summarised and its meaning and gist was misinterpreted but nothing could impede its publication and extensive development.

e. The Holy Quran is extant in its pristine language and illumining the entire world compared to the old testament, new testament, psalms, Pentateuch and other divine gospels which are shorn of this trait as the languages in which they were sent down are certainly negligible if not extinct.

f. The Holy Quran itself narrates the objections which were raised and allegations levelled against it and the Holy Prophet during its descent and thus it is a true history of its own which shows the obverse as well as the reverse side of the picture. This truthfulness and resoluteness of the Holy Quran is matchless because no other book of the world has such a like.

g. The teachings of the Holy Qur-aan are so comprehensive and pragmatic that the developed nations,communities who have not openly acknowledged it, have (partially) adopted its teachings and are compelled to adopt and will continue to adopt its teachings for their welfare and development.

h. The Holy Quran prophesies future events that have come true which is borne out by the titanic span of over fourteen centuries since its advent and will continue to come true as it foretold.

Q 3: What is the correct way for the masses to seek knowledge of the Holy Qur-aan?
A. It is our firm belief that the Holy Quran was sent down by Allah Almighty. It says: "Tibyaanal Likulli Shaie" (in which every thing has been clearly explained). So nothing has been left unexplained in it. But together with it the Holy Quran says: "Wamaa Ya'qeluhaaa Illal-'Aalemoon" (nobody can understand it but the learned). That's why it says: "Fas-Alooo Ahlazzikri In Kuntum Laa Ta'lamoon" (ask the learned men [about its knowledge] if you have no knowledge). It is not so that the learned men have understood by themselves but it says: "Wa Anzalnaaa Ilaiekaz-zikra Litubaiena Linnaasi Maa Nuzzila Ilaie-him" (O' Prophet! We sent down to you this (Quran) so that you may expound to people the exegesis of that which has been sent down towards them). Glory be to Allah! How beautifully these two Quranic verses teach people to acquire the knowledge of the Holy Quran in a methodical and systematic way i.e. O' Illiterate people! seek knowledge from "Ulama"(the learned men) and O'Ulama! you should learn from the speech,words of Our Messenger so that you may understand Our "Kalaam"(the Glorious Quran). It is, therefore, incumbent upon people to gain knowledge of the Quran from "Fuqaha-o-Ulama" (Muslim jurists and scholars) who are not only in know of the Quranic chapters,verses but also Prophetic practices,guidances and sayings which explain the commands of the Quran. Whoever ignores "Fuqaha-o-Ulama" to this effect and tries to understand the Quran by his own understanding will go astray.

Q4: What is the coherence between the Quran and Ahaadees?
A. The Holy Quran is the Book and speech,word of Allah Almighty that was sent down for all humanbeings and ages,times. This is the law which has been permanently enforced for all and sundry till the end of time (Doomsday). It has its own rules and regulations. Short and brief commands and injunctions need thorough explanation for proper guidance. So is the case with the Holy Qur-aan, the last book of Divine Law whose commands have also been expounded. Had it not been done, every person and nation would have followed the Holy Qur-aan according to his/their own convenience and capacity undoing Islamic unity and uniformity. Allah Almighty chose His Beloved Prophet Saiey-yidinaa Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) to whom the Quran was revealed, for the job who explicitly explained Quranic commands and injunctions. How strange it is that those who claim to be "Ahle Quran" (followers of Quran) accept and acknowledge each and every Quranic word communicated by the Holy Prophet, which every believer must do, but refuse to subscribe to his explanation and exegesis in the context of the Holy Quran. In brief, the Holy Prophet expounded the meaning and context of the Holy Qur-aan some times by his words and some times by his deeds and some times by both words and deeds.

For instance, he offered prayer and said: "Salloo Kamaara Aie-tumoonee U-Sallee" (offer prayer as you saw me offering). He performed Hajj and said: "Khuzoo 'Annee Manaa-sikakum" (learn the rites of pilgrimage from me).

The Holy Prophet is, therefore, "Shaareh" (commentator,exegesist) of the Quran. He used to explain and expound brief,short Quranic chapters and complicated verses and thus "Ahaadees" (Prophetic practices,guidances and sayings) in this respect are explanation and exegesis of the Quran. There is no such a point,thing in Hadees that has not been argued and discussed by the Holy Quran in brief or in detail.

Q 5: What is the correlation between "Hadees" and "Fiqah"?
A. Imaam 'Arif Billah Abdul Wahaab She'raani has explained the correlation between Hadees and "Fiqah" (Islamic jurisprudence, understanding) in "Meezaanush Sharee'atul Kubraa". He said: had the Holy Prophet not interpreted and explained the brief and explicable commands,injunctions of the Holy Quran by his "Shari'at" (Prophetic practices,sayings & guidances), the Quran would have remained "Mujmal" (summary,unexplained) and if "Aiema Mujtahdeen" (those Muslim scholars who are entitled to independent opinion) had not interpreted and explained the brief Prophetic injunctions, Hadees would have remained "Mujmal". Likewise, had Muslim scholars of the later ages,times not detailed "Kalaam" (words, explanations) of "Aiema Mujtahdeen" we would be unable to comprehend them.

"Kalaam" of the Muslim scholars of the later age,time is the exegesis of the Kalaam of Aiema Mujtahdeen, "Kalaam" of Aiema Mujtahdeen is the exegesis of Hadees and Hadees is the exegesis and explanation of the Qur-aan. Thus the explanation and exegesis of Quran-o-Hadees done by the Muslim jurists and scholars through the guidance of Prophetic words and actions are, indeed, the commentary and explanation of the Qur-aan.
The religious scholars, therefore, say that this process of guidance to the believers as to understanding the Quranic teachings has been established by Allah Almighty. Whoever attempts to undo it can not attain to the straight path but instead he goes astray. Allah Almighty says about the Holy Qur-aan: "Allah leads many astray by this(Qur-aan) and guides many into the straight path". Those who follow the set procedure of understanding the Quran attain to guidance by the grace of Allah Almighty and those who try their poor understanding discarding the procedure to interpret and infer from the Quran, sink into the mire of misguidance.

Q 6: What about those who demand the proof of everything from the Quran?
A. According to a prophesy of the Holy Prophet there were some "Nechri" (materialists) in these days of moral degradation and turmoil who altogether discarded "Ahaadees" and totally depended on the Quran by their garrulity. By God! they are enemy of the Quran and Quran is their enemy. They want to change the Quran and interpret it as per their whimsical desires against the Divine rules. And now in the modern age, some modernist - vain-glorious have sprung up who demand the proof of every thing only from the Quran claiming that there is no better "Tawaatur" (uninterrupted source of Divine commands, injunctions) than the Quran. Such nincompoops and other misguided groups know well that they have no place in the exalted court of the Holy Prophet as Ahaadees of the Holy Prophet are tearing their sordid notions to shreds. That's why they try in vain to save their face by demanding proofs from the Holy Quran.

Beware O' believers! if you hear somebody saying "we do not accept "Qaul" (words) of Imaams but need proofs from Quran-o-Hadees, be sure that he is astray and if hear someone saying "we do not accept Hadees but we need proof only from the Quran" then be sure that he is a disbeliever and malevolent to the religion of Allah, for, the Holy Quran is "Mujmal" (summary, unexplained) which has been expounded by Hadees and Hadees/Ahaadees is/are "Mujmal" which has/have been explained by "Aiema-e-Deen" (religious scholars). So, whosoever tries to interpret Quran-o-Hadees according to his own understanding ignoring the Aiema-e-Deen will slid into misguidance and whosoever tries to interpret the Quran by his understanding discarding Hadees/Ahaadees will never attain to guidance but will perish in disbelief.

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