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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - III / CHAPTER - 2 / LESSON NO: 22


The Messenger of Allah, Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) says:
1. No one of you will become a true believer unless I am dearer to him than his parents, children and all humanbeings.
2. He who has sympathy and antipathy and gives and forbids (evil deeds) only for the sake of Allah, has perfected his Eimaan(faith) indeed.
3. A man is on the faith of his friend. Therefore, he must care about the person with whom he cultivates friendship. The man is (will be) with him whom he loves.
4. The best companion is he who helps you in remembrance of Allah and reminds you when you forget Allah's glorifications.
5. By God, that person is not "believer" whose neighbours are not safe from his mischief.
6. The best family in Muslims is that one which has an orphan and he/she is loved and treated well and the worst family is that which has an orphan and he/she is mal-treated.
7. The best Jehaad (holy crusade) is to speak the truth to the face of a tyrant ruler.
8. The nation which is immersed in sins but the influential ones among them do not forbid them, then the torment of Allah is likely to overtake them all soon.
9. The elder brother has as much right over his younger as a father has over his children.
10. Three things are constructive and three are destructive:

Constructive ones are: (1).To be afraid of Allah in secret and in open. (2).To speak the truth in pleasure and displeasure. (3).To be moderate in the richness and in indigence.

Destructive ones are:(1).To follow the sensual desires. (2).To practise miserliness.(3).To be proud of oneself which is the worst of all.

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