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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - IX / CHAPTER - 1 / LESSON NO: 35


The Holy Prophet said:
1. Nothing is comparable to two traits of one's character i.e. believing in Allah and benefitting the general Muslims and nothing is worse than two things i.e. associating a partner(s) with Allah and hurting Muslims.

2. There are three things which emancipate a believer, three things destroy him, three things upgrade his degrees and three things atone for his sins.

a. Emancipation: (1). Fearing Allah openly and secretly, (2). To be' moderate in destitution and affluence and (3). Be just in pleasure and in anger.

b. Destruction: (1). To be miserly or greedy, (2). To be selfish and (3). To be self-conceited. Conceit leads one to haughtiness.

c. Upgradation: (1). Promoting "Salaam" among believers, (2). Feeding the poor,destitutes and (3). Offering "Nafil" prayers late night while others are asleep.

d. Atonement: (1). Performance of ablution in chilling cold washing the necessary parts of the body well, (2). Walking on foot to mosque to join congregational prayer and (3). Waiting for anther prayer having offered the one.

Minor sins are automatically forgiven by the blessings of these good acts. However, for the forgiveness of one's major sins, one is required to repent and seek forgiveness of Allah.

3. Four things are signs of misfortune: (a). Forgetting one's past sins although they are written in his sheet of actions preserved with Allah Almighty, (b). Publicising his virtues even though he does not know whether they have been accepted or rejected, (c). Keeping those ones in eyes who enjoy higher status in society than oneself (with the intention of imitating them) and (d). Looking only to those ones who have less knowledge of religious affairs than oneself. For such person Allah Almighty says: "I intend good for him but he did not make My pleasure his objective. So I abandoned him to himself."
And four things signify good fortune: (a).Keeping one's sins in mind. (It enables one to repent and seek forgiveness of Allah), (b). To do a virtue and then to forget that, (c). Keeping such ones in eyes who have profound knowledge of the religion. (It will inspire him to greater efforts for Islaam) and (d). Looking to the poor and destitutes (it will make him thankful to Allah).

4. There will come a time over my Ummat when they will love five things and forget five things:
a. They will love this world but will forget the next world.
b. They will love their homes but will forget graves.
c. They will love wealth,property but will forget the Day of Judgement.
d. They will love their family members but will forget houris.
e. They will love their ownself but will forget Allah.

5. Six types of people incur my (Holy Prophet's) and of all Prophets' curse:
a. He who interpolates or tampers with or distorts the meaning of the Holy Qur-aan.
b. He who refutes "Taqdeer" (predestination).
c. The one who obtrudes oneself on others and tries to disgrace those (right-guided scholars) whom Allah has honoured and respects those (the mean and wicked people) whom Allah has disgraced.
d. The one who has the temerity to profane Haram.
e. He who considers those things permissible for my (Prophet's) family members, posterity which have been declared unlawful by Allah Almighty (like oppressing them or hurting them unjustly).
f. He who is in practice of neglecting my
Allah Almighty will not show mercy to these people
on the Doomsday.

6. Allah Almighty will bless seven kinds of people with the cool shade of His empyrean on the Doomsday where there will be no shade on that day except for it: (a).Upright leader and just ruler, (b).the young who grew up in the worship of Allah, (c). The one who remembers Allah Almighty in privacy and sheds tears for fear of Allah, (d). The one whose heart remains involved in mosque (i.e. he is keen to go to mosque for one prayer after another), (e). The one who gives charity for the sake of Allah in such a way that the left hand does not know of what the right hand gives, (f). Those persons who love each other for the sake of Allah and (g). The one whom a beautiful woman attracted with lust but he refused saying: "I fear Allah."

7. There are eight things which are never satisfied/ satiated with eight things: (a). The eye with lustful glance [the more one casts evil eye (on women) the greater the want], (b).the earth with rain, (c).a female with male, (d).a religious scholar with knowledge, (e).beggar with beggary, (f). An avaricious with amassing wealth, (g). The sea with the water and (h). Fire with wood.

8. Allah Almighty revealed to Prophet Moses in Torah that three things are the origin of all sins: (1). Pride/haughtiness, (2). jeolousy and (3). Avarice. These three evil things produce six more vices multiplying the number to nine: (1). Satiety, (2). excessive sleep, (3). idleness, (4). Undue love of wealth, (5). self-importance/ self-praising and (6). inclination to ruling clique.

9. The prayer (Salaat,Namaaz) is the pillar of Islamic faith which embodies ten qualities: (l).Beauty of the face, (2).light of the heart, (3).comfort of the body, (4).consolation in grave, (5).descent of mercy, (6). key to heavens, (7). weight (in favour of believer) of Balance (on the Doomsday), (8).pleasure of the Creator (Allah). (9). Price of Paradise and (10). Protection against hell. So the believer who offers/ establishes prayers, in fact, strengthens the fortress of Islaam and he who abandons prayers, in fact, attempts to demolish the fortress of Islaam.

10. Whosoever (male or female) recites the following ten sentences/words 1000 times on the night of 'Arafah (the night to follow 9 th Zilhij), being preceded and followed by Durood Shareef at least thrice and then make Du'aa, his supplication would be definitely accepted unless he severs ties with his relatives and makes unlawful Du'aa:

l.Subhaanal Lazee Fissamaaa-i 'Arshuhoo.
2.Subhaanal Lazee Fil-Ardi Mulkuho wa Qudratuhoo.
3.Subhaanal Lazee Fil-Bahri Sabeeluhoo.
4.Subhaanal Lazee Fil-Hawaaa-i Roohuhoo.
5.Subhaanal Lazee Fin-Naari Sultaanuhoo.
6.Subhaanal Lazee Fil-Arhaami 'Ilmuhoo.
7.Subhaanal Lazee Fil-Quboori Qadaaa-ohoo.
8.Subhaanal Lazee Rafa'as Samaaa-i Bilaa 'Amadin.
9.Subhaanal Lazee Wada'al 'Arda.
l0.Subhaanal Lazee Laa Malja-a Walaa Manja-a Minhoo Illaaa Ilaiehi.

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