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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - II / CHAPTER - 2 / LESSON NO: 18


The Choicest Prophet of Allah, Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa(may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) said:
1. Eat, drink, take and give with the right hand because Satan, the outcast, uses left hand for such purposes.

2. Use three fingers while eating and avoid eating with five fingers as it is rustic style.

3. Let the food cool before eating, for, hot food do not carry blessing.

4. Washing the hands and face before taking food and after taking food removes indigence.

5. Do not gulp down water but savour it because it is delicious, refreshing and digestive and also protects against diseases.

6. The "Tah-band" (a sheet used as garment for lower part of the body) or trouser that trails below the ankles is in fire.

7. Gold and silk is Halaal (lawful) for the women of my (Prophet's) Ummah but Haraam (unlawful) for men.

8. Curse be upon the man who puts on feminine cloths and curse be upon the woman who wears masculine dress.

9. Say "Salaam" (peace be on you) to all whether you know them/him or not.

10. Allah forgives those who make "Hamd" and "Istighfaar" (to praise Allah and seek His forgiveness) while shaking hands with each other.

11. Yawning comes only from devil. If anyone faces it, he should strive to restrain it as devil laughs at him who yawns.

12. If anyone sneezes he should say "Al-Hamdu Lillaah" (praise be to Allah) and listener (he who is present there) should say "Yarhamu-kal Laah" and then he who had the sneeze should respond in these words "Yahdee-kumul Laahu wa Yuslehu Baalakum" (may Allah guide and help you).

13. Lie is a disgrace and sneaking (tale-bearing) begets torment of grave.

14. Not to indulge in frivolities is one of the qualities of a believer.

15. To speak good is better than silence and silence is better than speaking ill.

16. Envy corrodes into one's faith as the bitter aloes spoil honey.

17. It is unbecoming of a believer to be estranged from his brother-in-faith for more than three days.

18. Creator's (Allah's) pleasure and displeasure lie in parents' pleasure and displeasure.

19. He who is disobedient to his parents will not be entered into paradise.

20. Where-ever you are, be afraid of Allah. If you commit any sin mistakenly, do any virtuous deed immediately. It will blot out the sin. And behave with people decently.

21. Perfect are those in "Eimaan" (Islamic faith) who have good manners.

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