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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - II / CHAPTER - 2 / LESSON NO: 19


1. It is commendable to recite this Du'aa (supplication) before entering the privy: "Allaa-humma Innee A'oozubika Minal-Khubusi wal-Khabaa-is" (O' Allah! I seek refuge with You from all male and female devils) and then put the left foot into it.

2. While coming out of the privy take out the right foot first and recite: "Al-Hamdu Lillaa-hil Lazee Azhaba 'Annil Azaa wa 'Aafaanee" (Praise be to Allah, Who has removed the distress and pain from me and given me comfort).

3. On entering bath room or Wudu place, recite this Du'aa: "Bismil Laahil 'Azeemi wabi Hamdehee 'Alaa Deenil Islaam. Allaa-hummaj-'Alnee Minit-tawwaabeena waj'Alnee Minal Mutatah-hareenal Lazeena Laa Khaufun 'Alaiehim walaa Hum Yahzanoon" (In the name of Allah, Who is the Most Great and all praise is due to Him. It is the grace of Allah that I am a follower of Islaam. O' Allah! Make me one of the repentants and pious servants who have no fear now nor will face any grief).

4. On coming out of bath room or Wudu place, recite this Du'aa: "Al-Hamdu Lillaahil Lazee Ja'alal-maaa-a Tahooran wal Islaama Nooran wa Qaa-idan wa Daleelan Ilal-Laahe wa Ilaa Jannaatin Na'eem. Alla-humma Hassin Farjee wa Tah-hir Qalbee wa Mah-his Zunoobee" (All praise is due to Allah, Who made the water purifier and made Islaam the light and guide to lead His servants to His path and to the paradise. O' Allah! Protect my private parts, purify my heart and forgive my sins).

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