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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - I / LESSON NO: 16


1. On getting up from sleep: "Al-Hamdu Lil-Laahil Lazee Ahyaanaa Ba'da Maaa Amaatanaa wa Ilaie-hin Nushoor" (All praise is due to Allah Who has given us life [made us wake up] after death [sleep] and every one has to return to Him).

2. Before taking meal:"Bismil Laa Hir-Rahmaanir Raheem. Allaa-hummaa Baarik Lanaa Feehi wa Abdilnaa Khaieram Minh" (Allah, in whose name I begin, the Most Affectionate, the Most Merciful. O1 Allah! Give us blessing in it and feed us better than it.

3. After finishing meal: "Al-Hamdu Lil-Laahil Lazee At'amanaa wa Saqaanaa wa Ja'alana Minal Muslemeen" (All praise is due to Allah Who has blessed us with food and drink and made us Muslim).

4. On putting on new dress: "Al-Hamdu Lil-Laahil Lazee Kasaanee Haazaa wa Razaqaneehi Min Ghaiere Haulim Minnee wa Laa Quwwah"(All praise is due to Allah Who has clothed us and blessed us despite our helplessness).

5. On looking into mirror: "Allaa-humma Baie-yid Wajhee Yauma Tabyaddu Wujoohoon wa Taswaddu Wujooh" (O' Allah! grace my face with light on the day [Doomsday] when some faces will be full of light and some dark).

6. On applying antimony (collyrium) to eyes: "Allaa-humma Mat-ti'nee Bis-Sam'i wal Basar" (O' Allah! bless my hearing and sight faculties).

7. Repeat Kalimah Tay-yib or Kalimah Shahaadat after every prayer, it will earn you a great reward.

8. If you like or love any thing of your own or of your Muslim brother say "Tabaarakal Laahu Ahsanul Khaaleqeen. Allaa-humma Baarik Lahu Feehi wa Laa Tadurrah" (O' Allah! bless him in it so that it may not harm him), or say "May Allah bless you" it will save him from evil eye.

9. Recite this Du'aa on seeing a thing which you dislike or consider "bad omen":"Allaa-humma Laa Ya'til-Hasanaati Illaa Anta wa Laa Yadfa'us Saie-ati Illaa Anta wa Laa Haula wa Laa Quwwata Illaa Bil-Laah" (O' Allah! there is none except You Who could give us good and there is none but You Who could save us from evil and there is no might and power but in Allah).

10. Recite this Du'aa when you see one in affliction or ill: "Al-Hamdu Lil-Laahil Lazee 'Aafaanee Mimmabtalaaka Bihee wa Faddalanee 'Alaa Kaseerim Mimman Khalaqa Tafdeelaa" (All praise is due to Allah Who has saved me from the affliction which you are faced with and favoured me over many of His creatures).

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