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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - II / CHAPTER - I / LESSON NO: 10

"Walba'se Ba'dal Maut" (And I believed in that the dead ones will be resurrected).

Q 1: How will the dead ones be resurrected?
A. When all the worlds will be annihilated and there will remain nothing in existence but Allah alone, He will resurrect (Hadrat)Israfeel and recreate trumpet after forty years and command him to blow the trumpet. Hadrat Israfeel will sound it and every thing will immediately come to life. The dead ones will be resurrected from their graves.
The field of resurrection will be thronged with them. Everybody will be holding his sheet of actions in his hand.

Q 2: What is the field of resurrection?
A. The field of resurrection will be established in Syria. The earth will be turned into copper and made so even that the smallest thing like mustard seed if fell on the one end of it will be visible from the other end.

Q 3: What will be the plight of people in the field of resurrection?
A. It is frightening even to think of the dreads and horrors of the Doomsday. The earth will be of copper and the sun (obverse side) will be emitting its heat and fire furiously from the distance of only one mile (1.6 km). The brains will boil and people will perspire because of excessive heat so much so that they will drown in their own sweat. They will have their hearts in the mouths and throats and tongues will dry up.

In this pathetic condition nobody will help the other. Parents will not heed to their children and even mother will abandon her suckling baby. Briefly, everybody will be in an inexplicable distress and pain. Their all doings will be before them and it will be Allah, the Wrathful, Who will judge their good and evil deeds.

Q 4: How will people obviate these horrors?
A. The Doomsday will be of 50,000 years as per our unit of time. After passing of about half day people will discuss as to which Prophet should be approached for intercession so that they may get rid of the horrors of the Doomsday. All will go to the Prophet Adam and then to the other Prophets but everyone will express helplessness and advise them to approach the other Prophet for relief.

Q 5: To whom will all people approach for relief?
A. Hadrat 'Isaa (Prophet Jesus) will advise all people to go to Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa(may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) for intercession. All will rush to him and pray for his intercession. Our kind master Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) will say "yes it is only me who can help you today". He will observe "Sajdah" (prostration) and praise Allah Almighty in the best panegyric which will pacify Allah's wrath. Allah will say: raise your head O' Muhammad! speak, you will be listened to. Ask for, you will be granted and intercede your intercession will be accepted. Then the Holy Prophet will intercede and innumerable sinful believers will be absolved.

Q 6: Will someone else also intercede besides the Holy Prophet?
A. By the means of Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa(may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) all Prophets will intercede for their followers and then the scope of intercession will enlarge to the extent that Allah's saints, spiritual guides, sages, scholars and other pious Muslims will intercede for the sinful believers and thus countless Muslims will be admitted into heavens.

Q 7: Will anyone be safe from the dreads & horrors of the Doomsday or not?
A. No doubt, the Doomsday will continue for 50,000 years and will be the most horrendous day full of unheard of distress and pain but even then Allah's Prophets and His other loved ones will be safe from the horrors. For some of them this gigantic duration will be made as short as the time spent in offering an obligatory prayer and for some even less like twinkling of an eye.

Q 8: What will be the fate of other creatures besides humanbeings?
A. All dangerous and dreaded animals will be sent into Hell to punish and torment the infernal people, but they will themselves be safe from the hell's torment. All other animals and beasts will be annihilated. As regards genies it is reported that they will live in the habitations near/around the paradise and will visit the paradise off and on.

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