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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - II / CHAPTER - I / LESSON NO: 8

"Wal-Qadre Khaierehee wa Sharrehee Minil Laahe Ta'aalaa" (And I believed in that all good and bad destiny proceeds from Allah).

Q 1: What is "Taqdeer"(predestination)?
A. What Allah Almighty has written with His eternal knowledge about what will happen in the world and what His servants will do, is Taqdeer.

Q 2: Is humanbeing compelled to do what has been predestined for him?
A. No, it is not so. Allah Almighty has given us the power of action and endowed us with common sense and intellect to differentiate between the good and evil and between gain and loss. The man is not an inanimate object like stone. What the man had to do in the world Allah Almighty wrote all that with His eternal knowledge.

Q3: What about those who refute "Qadar" (predestination)?
A. Those who refute "Qadar" have been termed as Zoroastrian (fire worshippers) of the Ummah of the Holy Prophet.

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