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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - II / CHAPTER - I / LESSON NO: 2

OUR GOD - AL-LAAH: "Aamantu Bil-Laahi" (I believed in Allah).

Q 1: What should be the belief of Muslims about Allah?
1. It should be the firm belief of Muslims that Allah is One; He has no partner whatsoever; He alone is worthy of worship; neither He begot nor He is begotten and none is comparable or equal to Him in any way.

2. Allah possesses every kind of superiority and every attribute of perfection and no defect and deficient attribute whatsoever exists in Him.

3. He is all free and independent and all the worlds are subservient to Him.

4. He is "Eternal in the beginning and Eternal in the end" when there was nothing He was
and when there will be nothing He will be. His attributes are also eternal like His "Eternal Person".

5. He is "Haie-yu Qaie-yoom". He is eternally immortal and keeps His creatures alive. He gives life and causes death as and when He wills.

6. He is "Qadeer" i.e. All Powerful (Omnipotent) and has absolute dominion over everything. He does what He wills. There is none to dominate Him.

7. He is Samee' (All Hearing). He hears voice of His every creature even the sound of creeping of an ant and of the movement of wings of a mosquito.

8. He is "Baseer" (All Seeing). He sees everything regardless of big or small, near or distant and in light or in dark. Nothing is hidden from Him.

9. He is 'Aleem (All Knowing, Omniscient). He knows each and everything irrespective of what is happening, what has happened and what will happen. He knows our words, deeds, intentions and what is hidden in our breast. Even the tiniest particle of dust is not beyond His Omniscience.

10. All men and matter are subservient to His will. Each and everything happens according
to His will and nothing takes place against His will. Even no bird can fly and particle of sand move without His will.

11. He alone is the Creator of everything. What we do is all the creation of Allah. He is the Sole Creator of all the worlds and of whatever they contain irrespective of big or small. If He wills to create anything He simply says "Kun" (be) and that immediately comes into being.

12. He is "Razzaaq"(Provider of Subsistence). He provides subsistence, livelihood and all necessary things to His creatures regardless of mankind and animals and big or small to sustain them. He alone is the Sovereign Lord of all the universes. He also speaks. All the revealed books including the Glorious Qur-aan are His "Kalaam" (speech, words).

Q 2: With which thing(s) does Allah Almighty see and hear?
A. The attributes of Allah are as much unique and subtle as He is Himself. Undoubtedly, He sees, hears and speaks but unlike humanbeings since He is free of the organs of sight, hearing and speech and so is His "Kalaam" which does not need letters and sounds.

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