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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - III / CHAPTER - 1 / LESSON NO: 9


Q 1: What is "Mu'jezah"?
A. A wonder done by the claimant of Prophethood, which stupefies all, to substantiate his Prophethood is called "Mu'jezah" (miracle). For example, the staff of Prophet Moses turned into snake, Prophet Jesus resurrected the dead ones and our kind master Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) was endowed with umpteen miracles. His most prominent miracle is "Me'raaj" (ascension to heavens).

Q 2: Can any imposter prophet show a miracle?
A. A Prophet shows miracle to prove his Prophethood which disgraces the enemies and deniers and motivates and convinces the men of faith to believer in the claimant of Prophethood. An imposter who claims to be a prophet can not demonstrate any miracle as per his claim otherwise there will be no difference between the truth and falsehood.

Q 3: What is "Karaamat" (mini-miracle)?
A. A wonderful thing demonstrated by Allah's Saints (Auli-yaa Allah) which no other man can do, is Karaamat pi: Karaamaat (mini-miracle). Emanation of mini-miracle from Auli-yaa Allah is the truth and its denial is misguidance.

Q 4: Which type of mini-miracles emanate from Auli-yaa Allah?
A. Every kind of Karaamat (mini-miracle) can emanate from Allah's Saints, excepting those miracles of the Prophets which are forbidden for the saints of their respective peoples, like to reach the west(from the east) within no time, to walk on the surface of the water, to levitate, to have knowledge of the too distant place, to resurrect the dead, to cure the congenital blind and leprosy-afflicted ones etc: However, no Wali can bring about a like of Qur-aanic verse. Karaamaat of Auli-yaa Allah are, in fact, the replica of the miracles of those Prophets whose Ummah (community) they belong to.

Q 5: Is he Saint or not from whom Karaamat does not emanate?
A. Karaamat is no standard for a believer to be Wali. Auli-yaa Allah usually hide their reality and avoid to show Karaamat except with the command of Allah. So it is not necessary that he who does not demonstrate any mini-miracle is not saint. Karaamaat also emanate from Auli-yaa Allah after their death.

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