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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - II / CHAPTER - I / LESSON NO: 6


Q 1: What are the traits of Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him)?
1. Allah Almighty, first of all, created "Noor" (light) of Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa(may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) and then created all the worlds from his Noor. Had he not been created nothing would have been created. He is the soul of all universes.
2. Allah Almighty took covenant from all Prophets that if Hadrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) came in their time they would certainly believe in him and help him.
3. The Holy Prophet is the best and highest of all and so is his family. No one like him has been born and even will not be born.
4. At the time of his birth all idols placed in holy Ka'abah fell flat and there was a surge of luminous light that his (revered) mother saw the palaces of the king of Syria.
5. The Holy Prophet was shadowless being "Noor" (light) through and through because Noor has no shadow.
6. A piece of cloud often hung over his head and trees rushed towards him to provide cool shelter under the burning sun though he was not yet declared Prophet formally.
7. Fragrance emanated from his blessed body and sweat which surpassed the sweet odour of musk and saffron and whichever way he passed would become fragrant.
8. Allah Almighty has endowed him with all treasures of all the worlds and authorised him to distribute from them at his own sweet will. Allah's will lies in his will.
9. Each and every bounty and favour which all creatures of Allah receive in this worlds and
the world hereafter are owing to him.
10. If Allah is praised His Beloved Prophet's renown is also exalted as he is Allah's Darling Elect. In short, the greatness and dignity of the Holy Prophet is beyond human attainment. He is a unique agglomeration of all bodily qualities, merits and spiritual perfection.

Q 2: Is it right or not to celebrate "Meelaad Shareef' (Prophet's birth)?
A. In the blessed gatherings of Meelaad Shareef, the traits, miracles, noble countenance, sublime character, impeccable nature, magnanimity, grace, compassion, in brief, life of the Holy Prophet are explained which are vindicated by the Glorious Qur-aan and sayings of the Prophet. Such virtuous things are neither unfair nor inventions. At the end of Meelaad Shareef gathering "Salaat-o-Salaam" (invocation of Allah's blessings on the Holy Prophet) is recited aloud respectfully in standing posture which is also lawful.

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