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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - I / LESSON NO: 1


1. Allah is the One indeed. He has absolutely no partner. He alone is worthy of being worshipped. He is all Independent and depends on none. All the worlds and creatures are subservient to Him.

2. We believe in all Apostles, Messengers and Prophets whom Allah Almighty sent for the guidance of humanity. It is obligatory upon every believer to respect and revere all Messengers and consider them as Allah's "loved ones". Our kind lord and master Hadrat Muhammad (may the choicest blessings & peace of Allah be upon him) is the leader and highest of all the Apostles, Messengers and Prophets.

3. Allah Almighty has revealed books to some Messengers which are "Kalaam Allah"(speech of Allah). Belief in all the revealed books and in their contents is essential. Of all the revealed books, the Glorious Qur-aan which was gifted to the Beloved Prophet (Hadrat) Muhammad is the best and Allah Almighty Himself has taken up the responsibility of its protection.

4. Angels are "Noori"(ethereal, luminous) creature of Allah. They are neither male nor female. They are innocent and obedient servants of Allah. They do what Allah commands them. They subsist on worship and remembrance of Allah.

5. Genies have been created of fire. They live and die like humanbeings. There are believers, disbelievers, good and bad in them. Disbelieving and mischievous genies are called devils.

6. One day everything (angels, mountains, animals, the earth, the sky) will perish like humanbeings. There will remain nothing in existence but Allah alone. Then all things will be re-created and dead ones resurrected from their graves. All will be made to gather in a particular field that is called "Hashar" (resurrection). The Balance will be installed and doings of all will be weighed therein. Everyone will get the nemesis of his/her misdeeds and sins and reward of virtuous acts. Believers will be entered into paradise and infidels and disbelievers will be cast into Hell.

7. The Hell has a bridge over it which leads to heavens. It is called "Siraat"(straight pathway). It is thinner than a hair and sharper than a sword. All people will have to cross this "Siraat". It is the only pathway to reach heavens.

8. What had to happen in the world and what one had to do Allah Almighty wrote all that with His eternally infinite knowledge. And whatever has been decreed will certainly happen sans the slightest change. This is called "Taqdeer" (predestination).

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