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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - VIII / CHAPTER - 1 / LESSON NO: 26 / PAGE 2 of 2


Q17: Can woman come out from "Masjid-e-Bait" during Etikaaf or not?
A. A woman who is observing Etikaaf irrespective of "Waajib" or "Masnoon" at Masjid-e-Bait (the place reserved for prayer at home) can not come out from It without a valid excuse. If she does even though remains within the precinct of her house, her Etikaaf will be spoilt.

Q18: What excuse is there for stepping out of the mosque during Etikaaf?
A. There are two excuses for coming out from the mosque during Etikaaf i.e. (1)."Haajat-e-Tabi'ee" (natural needs) like relieving oneself, abstersion, ablution and bath and (2)."Haajat-e-Shar'ee" (Shar'ee needs) like offering Jumu'ah or Eid prayer in other
mosque if not held in the mosque where he is observing Etikaaf or to climb the minaret of the mosque for calling Azaan if its way/door is from outside the mosque and in case the way of the minaret is from inside the mosque then anyone can climb it for Azaan without particularising the Muazzin.

Q19: Can Etikaaf-observing man perform ablution or bath in mosque?
A. The permission accorded to "Mo'takif (Etikaaf-observing man) for stepping out of the mosque to perform ablution or take bath is aimed at preserving the sanctity of the mosque, for, dropping/sprinkling the water of ablution or bath in mosque is unlawful. And in case a trouph,basin is available in which he can perform ablution taking all care that no drop of water falls in the mosque during the process then he can not go out of the mosque for ablution. If he does, his Etikaaf will be spoilt. Likewise, if there is a place or pond for performing ablution or bath within the periphery of the mosque then he can not go outside.

Q20: Can "Mo'takif stay or not outside the mosque for some other need after relieving oneself?
A. If Mo'takif (Etikaaf-observing man) goes out of the mosque to relieve oneself he must come back immediately after abstersion without any delay. If the house of his friend is situated near the mosque then he is not required to use his (friend's) lavotary. He can go to his own house for the purpose. But in case, he has two houses - one is located near the mosque and the other at some distance then he should go to the nearby house. The religious scholars maintain that if Mo'takif goes to the distant house in the given case, his Etikaaf will be spoilt.

Q21: When should Mo'takif leave the mosque for other mosque to offer Jumu'ah prayer?
A. If Jumu'ah prayer is not held in the mosque where one is observing Etikaaf then he should leave the mosque for the nearest mosque where Jumu'ah prayer is held at such time after post-meridian that he could offer Sunnat prayer there before second Azaan and in case the mosque where Jumu'ah prayer is held is situated at a distant place then he can go even before meridian. But he should leave at such a calculated time that he could, reaching there, offer Sunnat prayer before second Azaan. He should reach there neither much before the time nor be late.

Q22: How long can this Mo'takif stay in mosque after offering Jumu'ah prayer?
A. Mo'takif should come back to his Etikaaf s mosque after having offered Jumu'ah prayer followed by four or six Rak'ahs of Sunnat. If he needs to repeat Zuhar prayer (being doubtful about the accomplishment of Jumu'ah prayer due to omission of any pre-requisite), he should offer it in his Etikaaf s mosque.

Q23: Will Etikaaf of this Mo'takif be spoilt or not if he stays in the principal mosque?
A. The Mo'takif who came to the principal mosque to offer Jumu'ah prayer (from his Etikaaf s mosque) and did not go back but instead stayed there for a day and night or completed his Etikaaf there in such case his Etikaaf would not be spoilt. But it is Makrooh to do so.

Q24: Can Mo'takif go or not to other mosque for congregational prayer?
A. If one is observing Etikaaf in such mosque where Jama'at (congregational prayer) is not held five times a day then he can go to other mosque to attend Jama'at.

Q25: Can Mo'takif step out of the mosque for some other need than "Haajat-e-Shar'ee" or "Haajat-e-Tabi'ee"?
A. Mo'takif can step out of his Etikaaf s mosque under the doctrine of necessity apart from Shar'ee needs and natural needs. For example, the mosque where one is observing Etikaaf falls down or he is forced out of the mosque or he is under threat and feels that if he does not leave the mosque, irreparable harm may come to his person or to his property, in such case if he shifts to other mosque, his Etikaaf will not be spoilt.

Q26: How is that for Mo'takif who goes out of the mosque to rescue a drowning man or for such exigent case?
A. If Mo'takif steps out of the mosque to rescue a drowning man or a man engulfed in fire or to give evidence in a case or to inquire after the sick or to attend funeral prayer even though there is none to offer funeral prayer, in such case his Etikaaf will be spoilt.

Q27: Will Etikaaf be spoilt or not if Mo'takif eats or drinks
something during fasting by mistake? A. If Mo'takif eats or drinks something in the day by
mistake, his Etikaaf will not be spoilt. Likewise, Etikaaf is not spoilt by abuse or brawl but such indecent things strip it of the divine light and grace.

Q28: Which things spoil Etikaaf?
A. The following things spoil Etikaaf:
(1). Stepping out of mosque without necessity, (2). to have sex intentionally or unintentionally irrespective of discharge and whether it is done within or without the precinct of the mosque in the day or at night, (3). to kiss or (4).touch or (5) hug a woman provided that he discharges, (6). for woman: to be free from menstruation or (7). discharge of blood of the childbirth, (8). protracted madness or unconciousness that one can not observe fast.
It is unlawful for a Mo'takif to kiss or touch or hug a woman though he does not discharge, for, such acts come under sex. However, discharge during sleep does not spoil Etikaaf.

Q29: Which acts are permissible for Mo'takif in mosque?
A. Mo'takif can hold "Nikah" (can be united in matrimony) and can refer to his wife verbally if divorced her revocably (can remarry his wife whom he divorced conditionally) in mosque. Likewise, he can eat, drink and sleep in mosque maintaining the sanctity of the mosque. If he goes out of the mosque for such purposes, his Etikaaf will be spoilt. Non-Mo'takif can not eat, drink and sleep in a mosque unless he intends for Etikaaf and offers prayer or do "Zikr" (remembrance of Allah) before doing so.

Q30: Can Mo'takif buy or sell something in mosque under necessity?
A. Mo 'takif can buy or purchase a thing necessary for his family in mosque provided that the commodity is not placed inside the mosque. If done then it should be in such a small quantity that it does not encroach the space of the mosque and in case shopping is done for business even though the merchandise is not placed in the mosque then it is impermissible.

Q31: How is that for keeping quiet during 'Etikaaf?
A. If Mo'takif keeps silence under the impression that keeping quiet during 'Etikaaf is a rewarding act, it is "Makrooh Tahreemi" (strictly odious act) otherwise there is no harm in keeping silence and in case he keeps quiet to avoid indecent or frivolous talk then it is, of course, a rewarding act because avoidance of indecent talk is Waajib.
And indulgence in such talk that carries neither reward nor sin meaning "Mubaah" is also Makrooh for Mo'takif unless direly needed. Indulgence in Mubaah talk in mosque without necessity ruins goodnesses as fire consumes the fuel.

Q32: In which acts should Mo'takif busy himself?
A. Mo'takif must busy himself in reading,reciting the Glorious Quraan and Ahaadees (Prophetic sayings, practices and guidances), extensive invocation of Allah's blessings on the Holy Prophet (Durood Shareef), teaching of Islamic knowledge, reading of the Holy Prophet's, other Prophets', companions' (of the Holy Prophet), saints' and savants' lives, writing of Islamic books and listening to Islamic lectures and attending the meetings,sittings of "Zikr" (repeated invocation of Allah's Name/attributes) etc. if held in the mosque.

Q33: Will "Qada" become due or not if Mo' takif abandons Etikaaf?
A. There is no "Qada" (observance of worship again to offset the loss,sin) of Nafil Etikaaf if Mo'takif abandons it. But if Mo'takif abandons "Masnoon Etikaaf of the last ten days of Ramadaan then he will have to observe "Qada" only of the day on which he abandoned it not of full ten days. And in case he forsakes the Mannat's Etikaaf of a determined month then he should observe Qada of the remaining days and if Mannat was aimed at observing continuous Etikaaf then he should observe Etikaaf afresh and if it was not continuous one then observe Qada of the residual days.

Q34: Will Qada be due or not if Etikaaf is discontinued unintentionally?
A. If Etikaaf is abandoned intentionally or unintentionally its Qada will become due even in case Mo'takif forsakes Etikaaf for sickness or woman has menstruation or discharge of blood of the child-birth or Mo'takif goes mad or falls unconscious and remains in this condition for a long time. Qada will be due of as many days as are abandoned. If whole of Etikaaf is given up then Qada of full Etikaaf will be due. And in case Mannat is aimed at observing continuous Etikaaf then it will have to be observed afresh continuously if abandoned.

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