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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - II / CHAPTER - I / LESSON NO: 7

"Wai Yaumil Aakheri" (And I believed in the Day of Judgement).

Q 1: What is Doomsday?
A. The Doomsday will be a dreadfully grievous day. Everybody will get panicked and terrorised. The hearts will get rent apart. The earth, the sky, all humanbeings, genies and angels will be annihilated. The sky will be cleft and the earth destroyed. Mountains will float in the air like carded wool and the stars will fall like rain and smash hitting one another. Briefly, each and everything will perish excepting Allah Almighty.

Q 2: How will the Doomsday be established?
A. By the command of Allah Almighty, Hadrat Israfeil will blow the trumpet throwing the earth and the sky into tumult. The sound of the trumpet will be low at the outset which will gradually intensify to the fearful dimension. As a result, all living creatures will faint down and die. The earth, sky, mountains and even Israfeil and 'Izraeel will perish. There will be nothing but Allah alone Who is Eternal in the beginning and Eternal in the end.

Q 3: Who will take the soul of (Hadrat)' Izraeel?
A. After annihilation of all things (the earth & the sky) Allah Almighty will command (Hadrat) 'Izraeel to take soul of (Hadrat) Gibrail. He will take Gibrail's soul who will fall like a big mountain praising Allah in prostration and die. Likewise he will take souls of (Hadrat) Michael, (Hadrat) Israfeil and "Hamalaatal-Arsh"(four angels holding the empyrean) respectively who will die. Then Allah Almighty will say "Mut" (Be you dead), (Hadrat) Azraeel will fall like a big mountain praising Allah in prostration and die.

Q 4: When will the Doomsday come about?
A. Only Allah and His Beloved Prophet know the exact time of the Doomsday. The faster the time passes the nearer the Doomsday gets. Some indications have been told by Allah Almighty and His Messenger to this effect. After completion of these indications the Doomsday will come about.

Q 5: What are the indications of the Doomsday?
A. The foremost indication of the Doomsday is the advent of Allah's Last Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) and his passing away from the mortal world. Some other indications are:

1. Religious knowledge will disappear (i.e. there will be dearth of true religious scholars) and ignorance prevail.
2. People will get education/knowledge for worldly gains not to serve the religion.
3. Remaining adhered to Islaam will be as difficult and painful as to hold burning embers in a fist.
4. Payment of "Zakaat" (poor due) will be avoided and considered "ransom" rather than an Islaamic duty.
5. Songs and obscenity and vulgarity will be all around and people will have no regard for elders (others).
6. Mean and sordid people will take pride in their big mansions and palaces. There will be galore of wealth.
7. nefficient and corrupt people will occupy high positions.
8. Time will carry no blessing i.e. run out rapidly.
9. People will be disobedient and insolent to their parents and obsequious to their wives. They will distance themselves from relatives and get close to friends.
10. Forefathers and elders will be disgraced and even cursed.
11. People will raise hue and cry in mosques and indulge in worldly talks therein.
Besides these portents of Doomsday there are several others which will be delineated in subsequent chapters.

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