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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - IV / CHAPTER - 1 / LESSON NO: 3


Q 1. Who is the best of all creatures of Allah?
A. Our Holy Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) is the best, highest and most prominent of all creatures of Allah since Allah Almighty has concentrated all excellences and miracles in the Holy Prophet which he had granted individually to His other Prophets. Allah Almighty has also gifted him some exclusive excellences in which no Prophet has any share. What excellences and miracles all the Prophets got were, in fact, given to them through the agency of Allah's Beloved Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon
him). Nobody is similar to the Holy Prophet in any way and if anyone likens anyone to him in any attribute is surely a misguided and may be an infidel.

Q 2. Please summarise the excellences and greatness of the Holy Prophet?
A. 1. Allah Almighty has conferred upon him the exclusive title of "His Beloved(Darling)". All creatures seek Allah's pleasure but Allah Almighty seeks the pleasure of His Darling Elect.
2. All creatures (the past, present & future) even Prophet Abraham, Khaleelul Laah (Allah's friend) are indebted to him.
3. "Shafa'at-e-Kubraa" (a particular authority of intercession) on the Doomsday is one of his excellences.
4 .Love for the Holy Prophet is the pivot of Islaamic faith, nay, the Prophet's love is the real Eimaan (Islaamic faith).
5. Obedience to the Holy Prophet is, indeed, obedience to Allah Almighty. No one can obey Allah unless and until he follows the Holy Prophet.
6. To respect, revere and hold the Holy Prophet in the highest esteem is one of the fundamentals of Islaam and is obligatory upon every believer.
7. The respect and reverence of the Holy Prophet is as much obligatory today as it was in his (apparent) lifetime.
8. Looking down on any word, deed or action or condition of the Holy Prophet and disregarding any Sunnah intentionally is infidelity.
9. The Holy Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) is the "absolute viceregent" of Allah Almighty. All the worlds and universes are under his administrative control where his orders are executed without anybody's interference.
10. Allah Almighty has provided him with all things even the keys of heavens and hell have been given to him. Bounties, favours, subsistence etc. are distributed among Allah's creatures through his agency.
11. He has the executing authority of the commands of Shari'ah with the power of declaring anything "Haraam"(unlawful) or "Halaal"(lawful) and he can grant concession even in obligatory acts.
12. He was the first to be honoured with the Prophethood. Allah Almighty took covenant from all Apostles, Messengers and Prophets (to be sent to the world) that they would believe in him and help him and that on this condition they were installed in the exalted offices of the Prophethood.
13. The Holy Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) is also the Prophet of all the Prophets. They were all his Ummati (followers) and acted as his (Holy Prophet's) viceregent during their respective tenure of Prophethood.
14. Allah Almighty has made him "manifestation" of His Ownself and then illumined all the worlds with his "Noor" (light). Thus the Holy Prophet is present everywhere.

Q3. What were the manners and habits of the Holy Prophet?
A. The impeccable life of the Holy Prophet is the best model for every individual and folk. His manners and habits are glittering pearls.

The brief description of his exalted person is that he had pleasing countenance, he was affable, taciturn, he extensively remembered Allah, he was sick of shameful acts and frivolities, never abused or cursed anybody, loved and helped indigent and poor people, did not look down on any beggar and did not consider any king bad on account of his kingship, did not differentiate between slave and master and Negro and Turkish, was hospitable even to the prisoners of war, he welcomed even his arch enemies, never stretched out his feet while sitting in gathering, always anticipated in greeting (Salaam) and extended his (blessed) hands for handshake, did not interject anyone's talk, cut short his Nafl(voluntary prayer) if any needy approached him and would resume the prayer after meeting his need, took the trouble to do his own work but did not ask anybody for it because of shyness, sat on the ground sans any bedding or carpet, did not hesitate to do domestic chores, stitched his cloths, dust the house, milked goats, helped the servant in his work and also ate food with him, bought things from market himself and savoured whatever (lawful) food was put before him. The Holy Prophet was very kind to his family members and servants and merciful to everyone. He did not expect anything from others. He held his head low in humility. One would get awed if came across him but would be enamoured of him if enjoyed his company even for a while. He was the most brave, fearless and generous. He would immediately meet the need made by any needy. He was the most tender hearted, sober and so modest that he did not gaze at anybody. He neither lost his temper nor avenged personal matters but would anger if any command of Allah was defied and in such state nobody could have faced him. The Holy Prophet kept remembering Allah profusely and shunned frivolities. He liked fragrance and disliked stench. He respected the scholars. Sometimes he talked light heartedly but in a dignified way. Hadrat' Aishaah Siddiqa (may Allah be pleased with her) has said that "Khulq" (manners,disposition) of the Holy Prophet was the Glorious Qur-aan i.e. the Holy Prophet liked and disliked what the Holy Qur-aan liked and disliked.

Q 4. How many miracles did the Holy Prophet perform?
A. The miracles which took place at the hands of the Holy Prophet are numerous and superior to those of all other Prophets like his excellences and greatness over them. The Holy Prophet is a splendid agglomeration of the qualities, excellences and miracles that were individually found in other Prophets.

The descended Sun rose again on his command, the moon split into two when he made a sign with his (blessed) finger, the water gushed forth from his fingers, he fed a large party from a little food to their fill, a little quantity of milk satisfied a large number of people, pebbles and stones recited "Tasbih" (remembrance of Allah) on his command, a dry log cried and wept in his love, trees and stones greeted and saluted him, trees rushed to his presence removing roots from beneath the ground on his call, beasts and other dreaded animals submitted and surrendered on the mention of his name, thousands of his prophesies came true which are not only proved by the Holy Qur-aan and Ahaadees but have also been acknowledged by the non-Muslims in their books. Another great miracle of the Holy Prophet is that he purified the squalid souls of the barbaric people of the Arabia infusing in them an entirely new outlook based on monotheism (Tauheed) and righteousness (Taqva) and thus his sworn enemies became his staunch supporters and votaries.

Besides, the miracles of the other Prophets were material and perceptional ones and that too were confined to their persons and times. As against this, the Holy Qur-aan (the great miracle of the Holy Prophet) is still in the hands of believers all over the world with its original text. The Holy Qur-aan is an ever-living and ever-challenging miracle of the Holy Prophet before which all enemies and powers of the world i.e. mankind and Jinns(genies) are helpless.

Q 5. What does it mean that the Holy Prophet is "Rahmatal-lil-' Aalameen"?
A. "Rahmat" means to love, pity, sympathise, comfort, share anybody's trouble and inquire ater somebody's welfare and "Aalam" means the world i.e. all creatures of Allah Almighty. "Aaalameen" is plural of "Aalam". Thus Allah Almighty has, by declaring the Holy Prophet "Rahmatal-lil-Aalameen" (mercy for all the worlds), made it clear that the mercy of His Beloved Prophet is as much general for all as is His Divinity. The Muslim scholars say that every bounty and favour irrespective of small or big, physical or spiritual, celestial or terrestrial, visible or invisible, from the very creation of the world todate, from now to the Doomsday and from the Doomsday to eternal time was given, is given and will be given to believer or disbeliever, obedient or disobedient, angel or humanbeing, Jinn(geni) or animal but to all excepting Allah Almighty through the agency of the Holy Prophet. He is the chief viceregent of Allah and owner of all boons and bounties of the worlds as the Holy Prophet himself said: "Innamaa Anaa Qaasimoon wal Laahu M'otee" (Allah Almighty is the Provider and I am distributor). In short, the "Rahmatal-lil 'Aalameen" means that all bounties, favours and grants of Allah Almighty to His creatures are distributed through His Darling Elect Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him).

Q 6. What is the belief of Sunni Muslims about the "knowledge of the Holy Prophet"?
A. It is the consensus of all Sunni Muslims (Ahle Sunnat wal-Jama'at) that the knowledge of the Holy Prophet is as perfect as he is the most prominent and highest of all the Prophets in every respect. Allah Almighty has endowed him with the knowledge of all the worlds and opened up the vistas of "Ilm-e-Ghaib" (the knowledge of the unseen) for him which is borne out by a number of Qur-aanic verses and numerous traditions (of the Holy Prophet).
All the universes, the earth, the heavens,skies and all creatures (mankind) from the time of Prophet Adam onwards (till the Doomsday) i.e. all the past and future peoples were presented to the Holy Prophet. He beheld them all and recognises each and every man so much so that we can not recognise our own friend so well. He is Alive to the state, intention, plans and fear and apprehension of his Ummah, as he himself said that Allah Almighty has removed all veils for me so I see the world and what has to happen till the end of time as I behold my palm(of the hand). This knowledge of all the worlds and of the unseen is a bit of the knowledge which Allah Almighty has gifted to him. The profundity and extent of his knowledge is known only to the Bestower of knowledge i.e. Allah Almighty or to the Prophet himself. It must be kept in mind that "Ilm-e-Ghaib" (the knowledge of the unseen) is Allah's Own Attribute whereas the "Ilm-e-Ghaib" of the Prophets and saints is "granted gifted" one. No creature (humanbeing) can know about "the unseen" unless Allah Almighty favours him with this honour. It is absurd and against the Qur-aanic verses and traditions to say that nobody can know about "the unseen" even on being endowed with "Ilm-e-Ghaib" by Allah Almighty. "Surah Jinn" is indicative of the fact that Allah Almighty has graced His chosen Prophets with "Ilm-e-Ghaib". The Islaamic history is replete with the "prophecies" of the Prophets and fore-tellings of Allah's saints that it will rain on such and such day or time; is foetus in mother's womb baby boy or baby girl, what will he/she do in his/her life and when and where will die etc. and all the prophecies and fore-tellings came true.

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