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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - II / CHAPTER - I / LESSON NO: 3

"Wa Malaaa-ikatehee" (And I believed in [Allah's] angels).

Q 1: What are Angels?
A. Angels are the obedient, worshipping and chosen servants of Allah. They have "Noori" (ethereal, luminous) existence. They are innocent and commit no sin. They do what they are commanded. They neither eat nor drink but subsist on worship and remembrance of Allah.

Q 2: Why are the angels called "innocent"?
A. Because Allah has created them free of the instinct of committing sins thus they can not disobey Allah. The Prophets of Allah are also innocent like the angels.

Q 3: What is the exact number of angels?
A. Of all creatures of Allah, the angels are the most plentiful. Their exact number is known to Allah Almighty or to His Beloved Prophet (whom Allah has endowed with such knowledge). Their creation is a continuous process. Innumerable angels are created daily. Saints and sages say that the good words and good works of the believers are transformed into angels which take off to the skies, heavens.

Q 4: How many "prominent angels" are there?
A. Four angels of Allah are very prominent and choicest ones:
a. (Hadrat) Gibrail who conveyed Allah's messages to His Apostles, Messengers and Prophets.
b. (Hadrat) Michael who is detailed to provide subsistence and rain to His creatures.
c. (Hadrat) Israfeil, he will make "Soor" i.e. blow trumpet on Doomsday.
d. (Hadrat) Izraeel, his duty is to take soul of humanbeings. A countless number of angels work under his supervision to this effect.

Q 5: What are the duties of other angels?
A. All angels have their (respective) assigned jobs. Some angels are posted in paradise and some in Hell. Some record good and bad actions of humanbeings. Some angels develop and shape foetus in mothers' wombs. Some question the dead ones in graves and some torment unbelievers and sinners. Some angels are stationed on the hallowed grave of Allah's choicest Prophet Hadrat Muhammad (may Allah's choicest blessings & peace be upon him) and some convey or carry "Salaat-o-Salaam" (invocation of Allah's blessings on the Holy Prophet) of the believers and present to the Holy Prophet. Some angels are detailed to attend Islaamic meetings and gatherings where remembrance of Allah is made or "Meelaad Shareef" is held i.e. where the greatness and excellences of the Holy Prophet are explained.

Q 6: What is the name of those angels who record good and bad deeds?
A. They are called "Kiraaman Kaatibeen". The angels of goodness are separate from those who record evil deeds and the angels for night and day are also separate.

Q 7: Which are those angels who question the dead in grave?
A. Questioning angels are called "Munkar" and "Nakeer". They have dreaded appearance.

Q 8: Can human beings see angels?
A. We can not see angels but those ones can see whom Allah wills like His Prophets who also speak to them. However, at the time of death the believers may see the angels of goodness and unbelievers see the angels of torment.

Q 9: What is about he who does not believe in angels?
A. He who denies the existence of angels or says that "will power of doing good deeds" is angel otherwise there exists no angel, is a disbeliever.

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