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Islam the Glorious religion

Volume - VIII / CHAPTER - 1 / LESSON NO: 19 / PAGE 1 of 2


Q. 1: What are those cases in which "Kaffaarah" (atonement) is also due?
A. When those acts,things which are opposed to fasting combine apparently and in real sense it becomes a full crime under Shari'ah. Hence "Kaffaarah" (atonement) of fast becomes due. But in case only one thing (of the two) is found in fast, for example, "Soorat-e-Iftaar" (apparent breaking of fast) is found and the other thing i.e. "Ma'nvee Iftaar" (breaking of fast in real sense) is not found then it is an offence not so serious as to warrant for "Kaffaarah" but only "Qada" will be due to make good the spoilt fast.

Q.2: What is meant by "Sooratan Iftaar" and "Ma'nan Iftaar"?
A. "Sooratan Iftaar" or "Iftaar-e-Sooree-o-Zaahiree" means reaching of some medicine or food item or any other thing beyond the throat of the fasting man (through the mouth) during fast. This is called "Ibtilaa'a" in Arabic meaning "swallowing something". "Ma'nan Iftaar" or "Iftaar-e-Ma'nvee-o-Baatnee" means reaching of such a thing in the stomach by some other means than the mouth that benefits the body like medicine or food or the ilk. So if grass or a piece of stone reaches beyond the throat (through mouth) or one swallows it, it is "Sooratan Iftaar" not "Ma'nan" because such things are neither medicine nor food nor beneficial ones and if a medicine or food is injected or inserted into the body by some other means that reaches the stomach or brain, it is "Ma'nan Iftaar".

Likewise, there are two types of sexual intercourse i.e. (1). "Sooratan" or "Sooree-o-Zaahiree" sexual intercourse i.e. insertion of male organ into the female organ or anus and (2). "Ma'nan" or "Ma'nvee" sexual intercourse i.e. discharge of semen with lust, for example, one (a husband) kissed a woman (his wife) or caressed or hugged her and in this state he discharged, it would be "Sooratan" sexual intercourse not "Ma'nan".

So "Kaffaarah" (atonement) becomes due when both types of spoiling acts,things are found "Sooratan" as well as "Ma'nan" in fast and if one type of thing is found and the other is not there then only "Qada" will be due not atonement.

Q.3: Is discharge during sex conditional or not for atonement's being due?
A. If one who is a sane, mature and resident observed fast of Ramadaan in the holy month of Ramadaan and in this state he had sex with somebody i.e. inserted his organ into female organ or into anus, in such situation discharge of semen would not be conditional but only insertion of "Hashfah" (head of penis) would make "Kaffaarah" (atonement) due. Bath would also become due in the case.

Q.4: Will intentional eating or drinking of anything make "Kaffaarah" due?
A. No, Kaffaarah will become due only when the fasting man takes medicine or food or drinks water or eats, takes such a thing for which he has a penchant like hubble-bubble, "Bidi" (Been), tobacco etc. otherwise not.

Q.5: What about he who broke his fast before time due to a fallacy?
A. If a fasting man committed such an act that did not suggest the break of fast but even then he supposed that his fast was spoilt and he ate or drank something, for instance, he had his vein opened to bleed or had injection or applied antimony to his eyes or caressed or kissed or cuddled up with his wife but did not discharge and he, thinking that his fast was spoilt, broke it before time deliberately in all such cases both the Kaffaarah and Qada would become due.

Q.6: Is there also any other condition which makes Kaffaarah due or not?
A. Yes, it is also conditional for atonement's being due that after the spoiling of fast or breaking before time no such act should be committed that is opposed to fasting. If such a thing occurs that is beyond one's control, for example, a woman after the spoiling of her fast or breaking before time has menstruation or discharge of blood of the child-birth or one falls ill after breaking his fast before time so serious that he can't observe fast in such cases Kaffaarah will stand annulled but journey will not render Kaffaarah annulled because it is within one's power. If one injures oneself so critically that he is no more in a position to observe fast, in such situation Kaffaarah will not stand annulled.

Q.7: Will eating of clay, soil make "Kaffaarah" due or not?
A. Eating of clay,soil will not make Kaffaarah due but in case one is habitual of eating it, for instance, some women are habitual of eating "Multaani Matti" (armenian bole) or "Chool-hay kee Bhat" (glowing plaster of fire-place) although it is very injurious to health, Kaffaarah will become due. Likewise, if a fasting man ate "Gil-e-Armani" (dark-reddish clay used as cure of epidemic) irrespective of being habitual or not, atonement would become due as it is a medicine and eating,taking of medicine or food makes Kaffaarah due.

Q.8: Will Kaffaarah become due or not if a fasting man eats uncooked or rotten flesh?
A. If a fasting man ate uncooked flesh even though it was of a cardan, Kaffaarah would be due. But in case, he ate rotten flesh infected with worms whether it was cooked or uncooked, atonement would not be due.

Q.9: Will Kaffaarah become due or not if one eats a morsel masticated by a saint?
A. If a fasting man ate a morsel masticated by his spiritual guide or a religious scholar or ate saliva of his spiritual guide or religious scholar as "Tabarruk" (a gift), Kaffaarah would become due and in case he swallowed the spittle of someone else or licked his own spittle, atonement would not be due but such act is very distasteful which should not be committed at all.

Q10: Is there also any other condition for Kaffaarah's being not due?
A. It is also conditional for the cases in which breaking of fast before time is permitted with the Kaffaarah being not due that such thing occurs only once and that too with no intention of sin and disobedience and should also not be repeated otherwise Kaffaarah will definitely become due.

Q11: Will Kaffaarah become due or not if one eats or drinks something snatching from someone else?
A. If a fasting man stole, snatched or usurped anything of someone else and ate that up even then Kaffaarah would become due. Similarly, if he ate bread dipping in "Najis" (impure,filthy) soup, atonement would become due.

Q12: What injunction is there if one gobbles down a pistachio or walnut or almond whole?
A. If a fasting man gobbled down a pistachio or walnut whole or a dry almond whole or ate an egg with its shell or a pomegranate with its skin, Kaffaarah would not become due. But in case he masticated a dry pistachio or a dry almond which also had kernel then Kaffaarah would be due. Likewise, gobbling of a green almond whole will also make atonement due.

Q13: Will eating of salt make Kaffaarah due or not?
A. If a fasting man ate salt in a little amount as is generally eaten,used to taste, atonement would become due. But in case he ate it more than the usual quantity then Kaffaarah would not be due.

Q14: Will Kaffaarah be due or not if one takes out a morsel from his mouth and eats it up again?
A. If a fasting man took out a morsel from his mouth and ate that up again or ate a morsel masticated by somebody else, Kaffaarah would not be due provided that he did not eat the morsel masticated by other person as "Tabarruk" (a gift) or for relish otherwise Kaffaarah would become due.

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