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Islam the Glorious religion


Allah, in the name of, The Most Affectionate, the Most Merciful

We praise Him (Al-Laah) and implore Him for His [choicest] blessings & peace on His Prophet,the kind.

This book is the English version of my respected father, Khalil-ul-'Ulamaa and Khaleel-e-Millat 'Allaamah Muftee Muhammad Khaleel Khan Qaadiree Barakaatee Nooree Abul Qaasmee's (may Allah have mercy on him) book -"Hamaaraa Islaam". It dwells upon Islamic faith, beliefs, worships, commands and principles founded on correct Sunni (Hanafi) creed, in catechism.

Khaleel-e-Millat had a name in the literary field and the arena of oratory and writing.
Being educated and groomed in the religious environment of the mystic centre of Barakaatiah Maa-rehrah Shareef this practising scholar penned a number of books on Islaam and kept doing so untill he breathed his last while writing his last book titled "Maut Kaa Safar" (journey to death). Some of his books are under study of religious scholars and masses in almost every country under the sun particularly "Sunni Behishtee Zaiwar" (The Jewels of Paradise) which is a treasure of Islamic essentials and imperatives for the married ones.

This book "Hamaaraa Islaam" (Islaam: The glorious religion) of Khaleel-e-Millat has been widely commended by the religious scholars in general and by the Sunni scholars in particular across the world. This is on the religious curriculum of many seminaries and schools in Pakistan and in India too. The Tanzeem-ul Madaaris Ahle Sunnat Pakistan has included this book in the curriculum of all religious seminaries of Sunni creed operating in Pakistan. An organisation of religious students of Pakistan (Anjuman Talbah-e-Islaam) has also this book in its course of study to educate and train its members and supporters.
Besides, this book is also being taught in many religious seminaries of Muslims in Europe and USA as one of the subjects of curriculum.

It is also a singular honour for this book that thousands of its editions have been published since its first publication in 1955.

Some of its parts have been translated in Dutch, Hindi and English languages. But now a well-wisher of ours, Mr.Muhammad Waseem alias Afzaal (M.A.English) has rendered the whole book in English. He has translated a number of books in English which include "Fragrance of Prophet's Love" (a bouquet of the Holy Prophet's traits and excellences of Salawaat {Duroods Shareefj), "The Mode of Offering Prayer" and "Death to Grave". This translation will, by the grace of Allah Almighty, prove highly beneficial to the students of those seminaries/schools which are using English as medium of instructions and the English speaking people.

Muftee Ahmed Mian Barakaati

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