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The Golden Sayings of Huzoor Hafiz-e Millat

By Hazrat Allama Sayed Aleemuddin Misbahi

Huzoor Hafiz-e Millat, Ustaad ul-Ulama, Hadrat Allama Maulana Hafiz Abdul Aziz Muhaddith Mubarakpur (Rahmatullahi Alaih) left this mundane world in 1976 A.D. He is the founder of the Al-Jamiatul Ashrafia Arabic University, Mubarakpur. Those people who saw Hadrat in their life and spent time with him all testify that he led a very humble and quiet life. Whenever he spoke, it was straight to the point. He did not speak of unnecessary things, backbite or complain about anything. Even those who were against him had their name taken by him with respect. Below are a few golden saying of Huzoor Hafiz-e Millat (Rahmatullahi alaih):

• In reality, work is life and uselessness is death
• Become a person of work, for work elevates a man’s status
• Work on earth, rest beneath
• Man was created for work. He who is useless is worse than the dead.
• According to me, the answer for every opposition is work.
• Lecturing is the easiest, more difficult than that is teaching, and the most difficult is writing.
• Wealth is a blessing from Allah, but a blessing greater than that is an eagerness to spend it in the path of Allah.
• He who fears Allah fears none.
• An intelligent man is he who learns from experiences of others, and not to create experiences for others.
• Unity is life, division is death.
• Worthy of respect is he, whose clothes are simple and heart is full of knowledge.
• To waste time is the greatest loss.
• Religious or worldly work depends on good health.
• He is not made unhappy who strives in work.
• One should not sit in such a place from where you have to move.
• A sense of responsibility is the greatest asset.
• A successful student is he who, along with knowledge, attains good actions from his teacher.
• No work should be done for fame. Doing the work will achieve fame anyway.
• A Muslim is he who obeys Allah and His Rasool (Sall Allahu alaihi wasallam)
• The teachers of a Madrasah should not consider themselves as staff, but servants.
• Besides Islamic knowledge, respect can be gained from worldly knowledge.
• A Darul Uloom building without education being parted is just a building.
• Time is of great value, to waste it is stupidity.
• Student life should be strict, as the habits obtained at this point are forever.
• Salaah is in reality that which is performed with congregation, otherwise along it is only an obligatory act.
• To seek easiness is the destruction of life.
• To follow the successful leads to success.
• The success of a Muslim is dependent on the fear of Allah.
• He who places his trust on Allah is of high regard in both worlds.
• Even if one has to give his life for Islam, he should do so firmly without turning back.
• A life is that which comes to the aid of others.
• To laugh out loudly is not the conduct of a Mu’min (believer).
• The life of the heart is Zikr.
• The love of Rasoolullah (Sall Allahu alaihi wasallam) is the love of Allah.
• To depend on Allah is everything.
• The running of a Madrassah is a difficult task. The mind and spirit should be one for it.
• Those who stop fearing Allah fear the entire world.
• One should seek such a teacher who has both knowledge and practice.
• With prayer one should be aware of the prohibited. Without this, one cannot obtain fruits.
• Look at the good of others, and the short-comings of yourself.
• I look at the good of others, not their short-comings.